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I actually haven't been an active part of the FigHunter community in a long time. If I remember correctly, I joined the old forums slightly before MARDEK chapter 2 was released, and was active in them for a while. FH was my first forum, so I made plenty of mistakes and didn't understand the terminology a lot of people used. That was four years ago though, and I've changed since then. I'm not sure if I'll become active again or not.

Well, I would describe myself as trying to be as helpful as possible. I'm a rather emotional person, in the sense that when I do feel an emotion, I feel it very strongly. If I ever offend you in any way, I apologize. I try not to be rude to anyone else, but if my personality rubs you the wrong way, please leave a comment so I can improve my behavior.

I'm a fan of the Ace Attorney series and the Fire Emblem series, and am most active in Ace Attorney fan forums. I'm not sure if any of my old friends still visit this site, but in any case, I wouldn't feel right not using my original username here, so that's why I'm keeping it. Maybe it's because I'm hoping that someone will recognize me this way.

My personal information is private. I don't like giving my personal information to most people... it just doesn't feel right to me. When joining most sites online, I tend to stop myself simply at the "Join" screen, which requires some personal information. It even nearly stopped me from joining this site, but I ended up joining anyway. It's mostly my gender that I don't like to tell. I've joined some sites as a male, and some as a female... that probably sounds strange, but I really don't like stating my gender. This may also be because I am very indecisive. If I consider you my friend, I might give you small snippets about myself, but beyond that, I really prefer to keep to myself.

If I had to list my hobbies, then I would say that I enjoy reading and RP'ing in online forums. I have a lot of experience RP'ing, and I like to think that I'm decent at it. My writing has improved a lot from what it was four years ago. I actually don't like to think about my earlier writings, but I do think that they were a valuable part of my learning experience as a writer.

So yes, that would be my bio. As a final note, according to an MBTI test I took, I am an ISFJ personality type.

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