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1 week ago

Miasmon Progress!!

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While I don't intend to finish the Miasmon prototype, I do intend to finish the game in some form or another, and so I've been working on it over this past week. I wrote about my progress here: ∞ LINK ∞
2 weeks ago


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Well, I've done what I said I would and uploaded the unfinished 2011/2012 version of Miasmon as a playable prototype! You can access it here: ∞ Fig Hunter ∞

I'm sorry that it's not finished and never will be, but it's still possible to get a few hours of enjoyment out of what it is.

I'll write on Alora Fane about what I want to do with the project from here, and I'll also play through this game myself to see if there are any CRIPPLING BUGS. I do know that there's one where it just suddenly stops receiving commands in battle, though it's rare and I don't know how to reproduce it. Unfortunately, the only thing you can do if you are unlucky enough to encounter that is restart... so please save often!
3 weeks ago

Miasmon release suddenly impending?!

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Whoops, I think I forgot a Weekly Update last Sunday?! I've been caught up with some things! One of those things was working more on the Miasmon version from 2011/2012, which I talked in my previous post about releasing as an unfinished prototype. I think I might go through with that!

I've managed to polish it to the point where I could conceivably release it... but while there's a lot to see, play through, and hopefully enjoy, there are also many glaringly missing assets (such as monster sprites), and the (rather unremarkable) story cuts off really quite frustratingly.

It'd be released as some kind of curio rather than a game, I suppose; something to sort of show off the process. I know many gamers are into unearthing and investigating things like beta and alternate versions of games (sites like ∞ The Cutting Room Floor ∞ exist entirely for this reason), and since all this existing content will only go to waste otherwise, I may as well do SOMETHING with it!

I suppose it'll be comparable to Beast Signer or Deliverance in its level of completeness, and I know people have derived some entertainment from that, so... yes. This will be another one of those. A shame to add to my list of unfinished releases, but oh well. I suppose it gives you an idea of what to expect.

I do intend to finish Miasmon eventually, in some form or another! It's just that so much of the lore and my own art skills and personal values and desires have changed since I made this version, so loads of it will need to be redone. I'm still not sure what direction I want to go in, but I keep playing around with ideas to see what feels best. I'll talk about my latest ideas when I release that prototype.

You may also notice that I'm writing this on Fig Hunter rather than on the Alora Fane site and just linking to it. That's because I'll be uploading the game here, since it isn't an Alora Fane game.

So yes! It might need a few more hours of polishing before I'm ready to push it out onto the public, but I may indeed finally have a playable game (sort of) to show after so long! I'm hoping that it'll mark a return to, well, releasing things! I never meant to have this long of a gap between games. But since I've used this time to work on several, maybe their releases will all be relatively close together. I hope so, anyway!