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I was born with congenital talipes equinovarus (CTEV), better known as club foot.
I had surgery done as a baby. Even before that, at an early age I was grabbing furniture and pulling myself up to walk around on the top of my curved feet. Of course the surgery and the cast worn for months put a stop to that.
While I am sure the surgery procedure now is probably much more advanced, the surgery I had done left me with some problems. For instance, my feet get sore after walking for about 20 minutes, and becomes unbearable around 30-45 minutes. Standing still isn't as bad, so I can usually last up to a couple hours of walking around when I go shopping etc. I just stand still and sit as often as I can.

I once tried working at a fast food place and my first day I was only there for 5 hours, but most of the time I was standing still. The pain was terrible but I kept working and tried to ignore it, I found myself looking at the clock every few minutes to see if it was time to leave. I finally got off my feet and was so relieved, only to realize I couldn't get back up. Trying to put any weight on my feet at all was so painful I had to crawl, and I couldn't quite hold back some tears.

I'm not exactly sure how to explain the kind of pain I get in my feet, there are a few different pains in different spots but the main one is sort of like a bruise I guess. My best description would be that some spot in my foot is bearing the weight of my body uncushioned, so after a few minutes of walking it starts to bruise and the longer I walk the worse the bruise gets. Image having a bruise that hurts to touch, and then imagine putting all of your weight onto it every time you take a step.

I am Christian, but I don't really like to use that word because in my opinion, most people who say they are Christian, are not. I need to find a new word to us. Then again, the word isn't the problem it is the people using it, they should find a new word.

I'm bored so here are some interesting poor translations that lead to misunderstandings.

Original Bible words - literal meaning - poor translation

aion - an age - forever, eternal, everlasting ( an age is an unspecific period of time, not unending time )
aionios - age abiding -

apantesis - to meet and return with - to meet ( may not seem important, but in some cases it is very much so )
to meet and escort back

aer - air, above ground - air ( the translation isn't wrong, but many modern people assume air means sky which
is wrong. Aer means above ground, which includes but is not only the sky )
( do you have to fly in the sky to get fresh air? or wave your arms in the air? )

nephele - a cloudy, shapeless mass - cloud ( while nephele can mean a literal cloud, it can also mean other things )

hmm. I am still bored. how about some personal understandings most others don't understand, believe, or agree with.

When fire is mentioned as coming from God, it is said to burn away the carnal mind and wickedness. It does not say it will literally burn and pain you like normal fire. It is said that God's law is fire, and that fire flows from his mouth like a river ( He speaks the word, the law ) yet when the fires of hell are mentioned people instantly assume it is a painful neverending ( aionios ) torture. Yes, it will kill your carnality and wickedness, which is killing who you were, but not in a bad way. It leaves you a better person when it is over, and it will be over because an age is not forever, how many ages have past and how many more are yet to come?

SIDE NOTE if aionios meant forever like it is translated then it would be kind of pointless for Rev. 5:13 to have to extend that amount of time by saying "aionas ton aionon" which is mistranslated into "forever and ever". Because 1 forever is not long enough? aionas ton aionon would more accurately translate to "for the ages of the ages".

God's laws value justice for the victim as a first priority. Everyone has equal rights, if someone stole a $100 item from someone else, he owes the item back plus $100(2x). If he no longer has the item he stole or if he broke it and couldn't return it in the shape it was taken, he would owe $400(4x). So the punishment fit the crime directly and no one would be more or less harshly punished based on who they were or who they stole from. and if the person couldn't pay back he would be sold as a worker/servant/slave to the highest bidder. ( the bidder pays off the debt owed, so the bidding is not for how much they will pay but for how long the criminal will work for them to pay off the debt, least time owed wins the bidding ) And the word slave might be used, but that word might not be entirely accurate, at least the way people modernly think. A slave had all the rights any workers had, except for things like he can't quit if he dislikes his job, until his debt is paid.

God's law states that no single witness is enough to convict someone of a crime. Even if someone witnessed a crime happen, if that person is the only witness, and there is no other evidence, then that is not enough. This helps prevent innocent people from getting in trouble because of a liar.

Anyway, God's laws value justice for the victim more than punishment ( or over punishment ) to attempt deterring future crimes like today's prison system, which quite often does nothing at all to repay the victim if the criminal already spent the money stolen. In fact even the victim might end up paying more in legal fees to put a thief in jail where tax payers money goes to keeping him trapped, sheltered and fed, victimizing everyone else. Even the thief is a victim in the end, being jailed and having his time wasted unproductively only to get out with an ex con title making life even harder on him then when he originally stole. It seems to me the current system is set up to make as many victims as possible.

In cases where the crime was something that cannot be repaid to the victim like kidnapping someone's child ( even if he gives the child back, how can he pay double? ) or murder, the punishment is death. Which is not only to get him off the streets, but it to refer his punishment to God at the time of judgement. Which will fit the crime directly like all of God's punishments. ( And will definitely not be an eternity of burning pain like some believe, as if all the sudden God forgets his laws on how punishments directly fit the crime )

SIDE NOTE I forgot, if someone stole $100 and decided to turn himself in without being caught, he would owe the
$100 plus only $20. instead of double or worse, it is only 20% extra owed back.
And if someone stole $100, got caught and owed $200 back, even the judge has no right to say more or less is
owed. If he says less is owed, the victim is being cheated, and if he says more then the thief is being cheated.
On the other hand, if the thief wants to he does have the right to pay more than he owes, and if the victim feels merciful, he can lower what the thief owes in part or completely.




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