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I was born in California, and raised in my city all my life, however, I do enjoy exploring the world and all it has to offer in it.

I've attended schools in my district all my life, so I know most of the students very well who come here. However, recently, instead of attending public high school, I decided to enroll in a Catholic school (even though I AM Christian, not particularly Catholic). Although we are taught to have values like to, of course, believe in Christ, we are also taught to be open-minded, so I don't mind arguments against our religion.

The school itself is absolutely amazing in terms of funding, beauty (it's been built in the image of an Italian village), athletics, and academics. It really is loads of fun going here, even if there's loads of homework. The kids here arn't all preppy-preppy students, they know how to have some fun too. My image of private school students completely changed... they're almost exactly like public school students. Oh my God was I ignorant. They cuss, throw parties, hang out, and dress the same as public school students when off school (we do have uniforms).

Most of my time is spent playing video games... I'm a big fan of League of Legends, used to be one of Heroes of Newerth, and I also play Starcraft, Starcraft II, Diablo III, DOTA 2, and rarely Bloodline Champions. I also like to play some older (to me, mostly :) ) games also. I'm a big player of the Fire Emblem series, Legend of Zelda, and of course, the Super Mario Bros. Sadly, I don't really play first-person shooters =O

In terms of athletics, I really enjoy swimming. Freestyle specifically. I'm really trying to work on my backstroke though, hopefully getting better at that. Golfing and running is also a fun way to pass some time!

Oh... and a little secret too, if you've read through my entire bio (or if this just caught your eye), I'm 14, but I still don't know how to ride a bike D=.

Recently, I had a dream of becoming a bartender when I grow up. It seems so much fun to be one, it's like a chemist, only fidding with alcohol and taste buds! I really want to accomplish this, it would seem fun, interactive, and a great use of creativity.

Also, if anyone is truly interested, I wound up through this site only through this small amazing game known as MARDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK RPG! I swear to God, this piece of shizzle is the most amazing flash game I've ever played! I was just bored one day, searching through flash games, and came across this. Holy Jesus it was amazing.

Also, my favorite book of all time is "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee. I made a post about it in the forums, and since I'm a stupid and lazy teenager, I'll just paste it here for your (hopefully) enjoyement:

"To Kill a Mockingbird", by Harper Lee. You might've (probably*) heard of this book if you're American, and maybe it's popular in other regions of the world too? I don't know. But anyways, it's generally considered an American classic, and many public schools have it on their "force kids to read this" list.

Harper Lee wrote this book based on her own life, and wrote it bit by bit when she was younger. Taking place in the early 1900s a few years after the Great Depression (a period of huge economical disaster in the United States after the stock market crashed in the early 20th century), it portrays racial injustice, the role of woman in society, courage, class, attitude, and most importantly, the loss of innocence and the continuation into adulthood. This book follows a young tomboy, Scout Finch, and her brother, Jem, as they bloom into young adults through events such as interaction with social outcasts, spreading rumors, the discipline of reading to a hated yet misunderstood old lady, and arguably the highlight and most important part of the book, the trial of Tom Robinson, an African-American. (It sounds like I'm writing an essay :] )

This book's style of writing and use of symbolism to be the main attraction to keep reading onwards. If you do read this, let me warn you, the first few chapters can be slow, but the momentum picks up as more events within the book happen. It's message of real world experiences is great for young people to read, though the book might need guidance to be read in its entirity (I know I needed guidance when I was 12?).

This book is written as a narrative by Scout Finch, and the whole book is a flashback on how Jem had broken his arm in the beginning of the book. The ending really wraps up the whole story, and delivers the message of it perfectly, and if any of y'all read this post, please, I beg you, buy this book and READ IT. Oh, and after reading the book once, read it again in a few months or a year. And again in a few months in a year, I'd say up to four times. Trust me, the number of extra things you pick up is really interesting (here's one hint: relate the symbolism of Atticus' words about shooting birds with the names and townsfolk of Maycomb).


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