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Game: Clarence's Big Chance

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Pseudo... Your unique way of thinking up a brilliant game never ceases to amaze me... I have worked with Adobe Flash and made different ActionScripts myself and understand how difficult and time consuming creating a game is. The best I could do was make a terrible replicare of Pacman. Going back to my earlier statement... The unique taste of this game really surprised me... I had only been familiar with your previous RPGs and thought to myself... "Pseudo made a platformer? It can't be anything too special..."

I couldn't have possibly been more incorrect.

In this platformer... You (Clarence, aka MrStudMuffin69) are a 35 year old virgin, preparing for your first date... EVER! You struggle to find your pants, search desperately for your house keys that you left in the living room, along with a couple hundred of your abusive mothers and fathers. Make your way through town, avoiding corrupt police, and some extremely old, but equally as deadly women. At the office, you spend the day doing all the dirty work of your boss, apologising to abused employees and driving your car through walls. Finally, you make your way to your date. Getting laid or not is totally up to how dedicated you are to the game.

Pseudo's quick, witty humour keeps me addicted, I cannot take my eyes off the screen. His beautifully composed 'retro' style soundtracks really make the game. And just like in every other masterpiece he has created, the detail and effort behind it all is astounding... The transcripts fit each character perfectly and are written with a lot of thought. Truly a one-of-a-kind platformer...

You make the game come alive when I play it... Not many games have that capability... I will surly share this with my children one day.

Brilliant... Absolutely brilliant. 8.7/10