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Thanks! I still get knocked around a lot, but I'm getting better and the head instructor thinks I'm ready to spar at the next tournomant.

As for your question, I'm not quite sure what a pattern is. My school doesn't use that term. If you're meaning forms, though, I've learned seven: The first five basic forms and palguyes one and two. If that wasn't what you meant, just let me know and I'll awnser that.

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Actually, that answers my question.
I only learned 2 or 3 before leaving, and they're the basic ones.
Easy to memorize and based on newbie moves (moves that get taught at the start).

And as for tournaments, I didn't see my club going to one, that could just be due to the fact I stopped going to Tae Kwon Do after a while...
Well, you keep learning what I haven't.