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david s

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david s 25 United States MelancholicCholeric ISFJ 621 1193C
Well I just had what was quite possibly the most movie-like dream I've ever had.

I was sorta viewing it third person, so I wasn't really interacting with things, but seeing them instead.

The setting was some time in the late 21st century or early 22nd century. Humanity was on the verge of collapse. An unknown threat, some previously undiscovered creature, lurked below ground. They decided they wanted us dead. When holes started opening up in the surface, these monsters attacked. They killed billions within the first year, but the survivors fought back.

The main forces of the military were struck first, and even when we tried to stop these monsters, we couldn't attack them underground. It wasn't long before most of civilization was destroyed. But still we fought back. Areas where the holes appeared became battlegrounds. Armies of every nation fought for humanity.

I saw these battlefields in my dreams. With regulars gone, the forces left to fight were conscripts, any survivor who could fight. The battlefields were hole-covered and body-strewn. I saw some German soldiers, dressed in leftover World War I attire, they were trying desperately to climb out of a hole, but something was stopping them. Some Americans, likewise in WWI attire came over to pull them out. The German on the left suddenly was pulled under with a scream. The soldier on the right looks at the empty space where his comrade just disappeared, and knew his fate was imminent. He reached down and pulled out his pistol, a surplus Walther P-38. He put the gun to his head, only to find that the front of the gun was completely melted away by acid. One of the Americans saw this, reached into his own pocket and pulled out his own 1911, handing it to the German. The German gave the American a grim look of thanks before he, too, was pulled down into the hole. The sound of a single gunshot echoed out of the tunnel.

Somehow humanity was going to survive, it had to survive! The people in Europe had gone through most of their supplies, and had started raiding so-called time capsules, left from a time before the invasion, for supplies, even for seeds to try to grow crops in the few 'safe' areas left. In America, Fort Knox had to temporarily be open, giving out rations stored in the bunkers.

Their were some remnants of cities that were mostly untouched after the initial invasion. The some of the survivors learned of special gifts they had, the power to wield magic. Those who could wield magic were dubbed "Samurai" and were charged with protecting the last bastions of humanity. Further still were the magi, people who could develop new forms of magic. These two forces combined were the last true hope for humanity.

How this fight ends, I do not know... But it's a pretty bloody kick-arse setting. And let me tell you, this dream looked like it was directed by J.J. Abrams.