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He did increase the burden on all of us, that's true, but as you were saying about the social contracts, it wouldn't be fair for him to go through all of the dakrness on his own. We, his family members, should have been able to help. Admittedly, at the time we did the best we could, but we couldn't live his life for him, so it was essentially like he was in the dark without a candle, and we were a picture of a flashlight, not actually capable of creating light in his world, but trying to convince him that there was still light in the world. But since it was so dark, he couldn't evn see that.

He messed things up for a lot of people, but he went through much worse.

I understand that a lot of people value life above all else, but I don't think it's good to make people continue living if they don't want to. I mean, isn't there a point where you should be allowed to die? I think both life and death are important rights. Give the person options and alternatives to suicide, try to make their lives better by all means, but don't go with the "STOP THEM AT ALL COSTS!" route.

I could imagine no worse torture than eternal life.