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Blog: Posts re MARDEK on Alora Fane!

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Pseudo doesn't check this site much, unfortunately, so he probably won't see your comment... but... Just as a note, sadisticenerd, he WAS originally planning to change the name to 'Rohoph RPG', as he said 'the game wasn't really about Mardek', but he kept the name as he got way too many complaints.

So really, no matter if he'd kept the name or not, he'd get complaints from both sides, most likely. I can understand why you want a name change, as the 'old MARDEK' was a ongoing series that's still popular and most people don't want the name 'stepped on or destroyed/it no longer fits/works', but there is the point that a lot of people WANT him to keep the name, despite what people are saying.

I don't really care either way, and I can see arguments from both sides, but I don't think he's going to change the name this far into development.

Though it's nice to hear that you're looking forward to the new game! I hear too many people trashing on the 'combat system', when it actually doesn't look too much different, just instead of lowering 'HP' your raising 'HP'. It's basically the same system in that sense. But oh well, change is hard for people, I guess!

Still, I'd like to see him link some of the OSTs from his old games nowadays, like Peregrin's theme (from Deliverance), some of the AFC ost pieces that was never heard by most people here (it's great, probably my favorite of all his tracks), the gym leader theme from Beast Signer, and the Tsar theme from Miasmon (which I REALLY want to buy, but can't due to it being pretty much nowhere to be found on the internet, unless I were to maybe record it or ask him. Oh well.)

So yeah, that.

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Huh, thank you for explaining that for me.I admit, even a little ago, I was sad about the new art.Not as pixel-y, but at the same time, the more I see it, the more I also has a charm to it.Not too cartoony, not too RPG-y, not too realistic.It almost looks like Pseudowolf wanted a mix of the three.Not too simple like mardek's, but at the same time, doesn't tries too hard to look unique.Not too comic-looking, but not too serious either,And not with the best graphics, but at the same time, it is pleasant to the eyes.I like it.I honestly like it.

The series is not the same as before, we all can agree with it.But at the same time, I believe we all should give a chance to this new series, and I do expect that it might be unique.Different from everything else.Not sure if it is for the best, or for the worst, but I do love a great variety, and I am sure that this is something that the game will bring us...but at the same time, I am a bit nervous.Everybody is either putting too little hope in the game, hurting Pseudowolf's feelings, or putting too much hope in the game, pressing him to some extend.Either way, I wish that the game has the same goal that Pseudowolf always had in mind for his game: to make a game that he feels it is great, and wishing to share it with us.We might be saying we're fans, but I believe, he see us as fellow gamers, just like, truly, I do not have any other advice to Pseudowolf,since I might either press him too much, or hurt him too much...but there are certain words, I still wish to say to him.Pseudowolf, if you are reading this, I wish to tell you...make a game you enjoy.

Creators, and geniuses, where always criticized by other people, because they tried new things.But yet, they are valued by society nowadays, even if before they weren't.I am sorry if I am pressuring you, by placing such high expectations on your work,
but yet...I believe you truly deserve these praises, and you truly should have more confidence on yourself.

PS: I apologize if my english looks bad.