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Blog: Mardekina

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You do seem to have the problem that Mardek was never much of a main character... but what if he was?
With a full reboot, you have an opportunity to make the man (or woman?) in whose head Rohoph resides a more interesting character.
What if he objects to or argues with Rohoph more? What would Rohoph do? What COULD he do, and how would that affect Mardek?
There's a lot that can be done with two characters sharing a body, especially if their compatability is just slightly off (maybe Rohoph embodies an emotion one to the right or left of Mardek's?)

If Mardek is to remain a clueless, bland hero, perhaps it would be better to have Rohoph take him over completely (perhaps after he dies or something, so it's not all like "blarg, evil posession time"), and follow Deugan's reaction to his best friend's body walking around without his best friend in it.

Though it is a good thing to note that Rohoph himself was starting to feel more villainous than goody-goody Mardek was ready for at the end of the third installment...