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I noticed that with only 6 sentiments, one of the GdM will have to be thrown out - I suspect we will see a merged version of Anu and Balthazar.

I'm trying my guess at GdM's sentiments...

Rohoph - Courage (that requires getting rid of element compatibility requirement or scrapping Mardek-as-Bliss idea)
Moric - Fear
Qualna - Creation
Gaspar - Destruction
Melchior - Bliss
Balthazar/Anu - Sorrow

Perhaps instead of Violet Crystal, Rohoph might have been separated by taking action when others decided not to? I mean, at first we were to make the assumption that he was immune to the Violet Crystal because of his Light element - it would make sense if Pseudo replaced it with something that had... well, something to do with his sentiment, if it really is Courage.