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Oh gosh, is Pseudo actually mentioning Mardek again? Ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod
At first, i was a little disappointed that you decided to add Mardek's universe into your new Alora Fane Universe. Reading your further explanation of how you would integrate the characters actually seemed to make a lot of sense. I'm glad you made your decision.

So.. pretty much the characters and the plot will be the same, but with different mechanics and backstory? So sort of like an alternate universe Mardek... also known as a remake. Yep. Okay. I'm not very smart.

Now who could that unpopular playable character be? I kind of liked all of them... though there's a rather low tier of characters that didn't have THAT much of importance to the story, but I don't think just ONE of them stood out that much.

Is it Sharla? That guy who likes Sharla? That mercenary that didn't talk much?

... I think everyone else seemed to have some sort of personality... I think. I do enjoy seeing Sharla and... male Sharla, since they worked nice as an item. Merc guy was alright too