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Ah, I see what's happening here. I know that my comment will be redundant and boring considering that others have already finished the joke, but why not give my honest opinion about it?

To me it seems that CtG has copied and parodied a text that someone else once made. In fact, one might find out who by scrolling down. I believe this was an attempt to make M  ScintillaPurpose chuckle and think back of happier times. Whether it worked or not; I can not say.

Now of course Tama Yoshi and SAPPHIROS finished the joke by copying someone else on this userpage, which of course makes it seem like a repetition. This repetition, as it were, completes the entire joke and has gotten all of them some chuckles and praise.

I cannot abide by this! I am Narcissus, thus I must ruin this by writing a post that is slightly similar, yet completely original in order to gather as much attention as I possible can. YOU MUST ALL LOVE ME!