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3 years ago

How do you feel about MARDEK so far?

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I've been updating the Alora Fane blog a lot with my progress on the new version of MARDEK, but I'm curious about what the general feelings are about it so far. I've made a poll to get an idea: ∞ LINK ∞

I really, really hope that it can turn out well, but I've been on the receiving end of so much scathing criticism in response to changes and new ideas in the past that I can't help but feel very nervous about the same thing happening again...

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How i feel about Mardek.

I feel awesome, when everyone of my friends says Mardek am starting to speak only about Mardek. Mardek is one of the best RPG
Games i ever played in my life i have to say. It would be for me pleasure if i can help somehow Pseuldewolf if im right about the name, to make faster Mardek 4,5,6,7,8 and others. Of course for everyone of you will be pleasure, im sure. Right now i don't wanna
wait, i want to help Pseuldewolf to make the other Mardek Chapters fast. I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I don't know about the major change and all but, and I know you probably won't get a chance to read this but..

Ive been a lurker on this site for quite a time.The second chapter was already released once I discovered the game, and after a LONG while I decided to play it again. That was when the third chapter came out. And, honestly I felt like I missed out so much! I instantly fell in love with the series and Clarence. Playing this game again after all this time just fills me up with nostalgia. And I was ready for the fourth chapter. But once in a while I would just check your blog if any progress was made on the fourth chapter and Clarence RPG. Until something happend to my Pc. After that I couldn't check up on this sites blog. When I finally did I noticed this big change, well... I was upset. This whole series would be majorly changed. After I've seen The trailer I thought for a moment, "this isn't mardek". I was upset. But the worst you could do was delete the other three chapter from the "old" series. Now I'm not trying to offend anybody but maybe atleast continue the old series, I LOVED it. And no matter what anybody else says about this major change is that the fact I won't really accept this change. Even though this thing is under your control, you can do anything you want with it.
But it still won't be mardek, no matter what.

I might try the new one out, or maybe continue the series. Or just make an RPG game based off of it. But I'll think the old one still stands strong and maybe even better than the new one. But those are just my thoughts.

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Well, for me, MARDEK RPG was probably the first game I ever played on a computer ! I was probably 6, and I wasn't reading english yet, but i already loved this game. Now, I'm playing it again and i was here like "NOOOOO !!!!! He's going to make another type of MARDEK !!!" when i learned the new thing you wanted to do, and here, I'm more like "YEEES !!! This looks AWESOME !!!". But I always miss the original serie, and i hope that you will do the original MARDEK IV one day !

PS : The last day, i was training Elwyen, and i thought "HEY !!! This game will be more aewsome if the song that she is playing on her harp replace the normal battle music !

PPS : Hey ! I don't remember what i was going to say !

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woolfy 22 Ireland PhlegmaticSanguine INFP 2C
People will always be unhappy if you change something they like. There are plenty of bands and artists out there resented by their fans for changing, when in fact all they did was mature. Any changes you make to Mardek will be a sign of your own personal growth.

The main complaint I'm sure you'll hear is about the changes to the fighting system. The way characters fill up their enemies with light instead of destroying them with violence. You are taking a bold, truly original move no RPG I've yet played has tried. Final Fantasy wouldn't dare go down such a different road for the sake of creativity.

This move towards a more philosophical game has me excited. I can remember the exact moment I fell in love in love with Mardek. It wasn't when I was killing the dragon or slaughtering bandits. It was when Mardek, Deugen, and Emily started discussing the morality of their actions in the guard. "I have always wanted to play a game like this," I thought.

In short, keep up the good work Pseudo! You are one of the best game developers out there, and I'm sure the end result of your efforts will be amazing.

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Pseudo, you know best how to make a great game! Whatever changes you make they will surely be brilliant, you shouldn't listen to others so much as you alone make better games then huge teams of people. Keep your head high and do what you do best!
Sir Vitor

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Long ago I was at my house, looking for a game to play, when I saw Mardek I. At first I thought it was just a regular internet game, with monster, a dragon, a princess and a night. I was extremely surprised and more than pleased by your creative idea of making a game with players in their early days. Since it was a short game I completed it the first time not stopping until the dramatic ending, and got enticed by the idea of other series.
One or two years later I found Mardek 2. It was harder, I made some mistakes, but in two or three times manage to complete it whole. That's when I got amazed enough to come to this site and create an account.
Then I waited and was astounded by Mardek 3. It was a master game, with a damn big, but extremely well-done story, with a better mechanic, amazing texts and endless possibilities of team combinations.
Even before the game existing, I longed for a game as impressive as Mardek. It has an awesome mixture of science-fiction, mithology, magic, swordfighting, and all of it in this shape.
But now I come here to beg you to don't change the game mechanics and story. At first I got scared when you changed the game in Mardek III, but then I saw that there were lots of good reasons for it. But now I must say it is too much the changes you are proposing. The game is already perfect the way it is now, and most of the fans of this story will be depressed if you change it.

I know how you feel, and truly wished I were geographically close to you in a few moments in the past I felt you were too melancholic, to be a friend and help you.

This new idea and system you had is a great idea, and if you create a new story to insert it I will be more than happy to play it. But seriously man, don't change Mardek past and story just because you are not feeling confident that you did a great job with it already. Because you done.
A friend

P.S: Feel free to PM back if you want to discuss what I said ( or even curse me publicly for being too obnoxious to try to interfere in your creative work):D
Izack San

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Hi First of all I am brazilian and my english dont are very good...

I have an diferent History, And its start on my childhood...
I dont had internet, but had a computer, and my mom every mouth bought a CD with games (I loved those CD) But one time my mom bought a CD with a game called "Mardek" in the start, I did not know how to play it...but after two weeks I knew it! I veeeeeery liked the game,(note: was mardek 2 first version) did not take long to become my favorite game... I played it oftentimes and I had English lessons and the game (icredible) maked me scoring high on English lessons,I played the game for 3 years( its not a liar) and when I got internet and I discovered that have Mardek 3...Oh God...I was very happy, but , I was getting sad for know that you probably never make Mardek 4, but recently I view that Pseudolonewolf are making Mardek 4! But my happiness did not last long when I discovery that you are making alora fane on mardek!!!! And I LOVE mardek the way the game is...and the game is perfect dont need to change Many peoples like the new ideia but I dont! and others peoples too I been waiting Mardek 4 for a long time ago, and I very sad with this notice...well this is only MY opinion...And Yes you're ruining a thing that I REALLY LOVE...

Nowdays I have better english lessons but I never will forget how mardek helped me to learn english...its sounds stupid but for me its a good thing that happen in my life...

Well... I wish luck to your future projects...

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I wasn't sure if Meraeador (not hard to spell at all. nope.) was my favorite character or not, but with the new visual design of Meraeadyth, she could very easily be, pending good writing on your part.

I am also looking forward to how Legion is reimagined, and seeing if it has any unique interactions with our favorite inventor like before (that full heal did feel kind of overpowered, though...)

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My friend, I believe that you are putting to much pressure on yourself. If you like the way the game is turning out for yourself I will more than happily play it. Being an avid fan of you're other three Mardek games I know that whatever you put out will be great. The one thing to remember is that no matter how hard you try, there are people out there who's main goal in life is to put down and criticize others, so ignore them and do what you think is right. I hope people don't mind me saying that there are probably thousands of people who will back up whatever you do, including yourself. Just have fun with what you're doing and don't worry about others. I also know that when the game is released I will definitely be one of the first to support you. And thank you for putting the time in to make these games. I personally appreciate the fact that you put that much time into your games for people to enjoy them, so again thank you.

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Slarstorm 18 New Zealand MelancholicPhlegmatic INTP 991 1C
I like the new art style, though my first impression was one of shock and worry. As for the 'female protagonist' idea I never had a problem with it, I too have made the choice of changing a protagonist of my own to female, it was quite easy too, since he wasn't a major sterotype. Thus he changed from a scrawny moody male to a smallish... moody young lady. Enough about my work though.

Mardek was certainly never 'masculine', at least personality wise so the idea isn't really a problem unless you consider any romantic elements, besides Mardek's personality, while lovable was always a little unrealistic.

Despite everything whether or not 'he' turns into a 'she', give the character more depth. Have he/she get cross, suspicious, deep in thought... just SOMETHING more than a silly grin, not that I don't love Mardek's silly grins.