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3 years ago

Monthly Update!!1

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WHOOPS AGAIN. I don't know how many people check this place - or even care about my developments - these days, but for those who do, I'll try and provide a summary of what's going on at the moment, plans-wise.

First of all, I reached a personal nadir recently and seriously considered jumping off the mortal coil. I'm better now. The experience opened my eyes to a lot of things, though, and made me aware that I have two options at this point: evolve or die. I'm going to have to change the person that I am if I want to change my lot in life, and I've been making efforts to that effect. Positive thinking and all that. It's working! Or at least I hope it is.

The game I mentioned in my last post, called Yden, is done now; it's simply a matter of testing and then releasing it. I've no idea what it's best to release it on, though, and as such I'm doing tons of research. I'm really out of the whole game marketing scene - I barely even play games these days, especially not indie ones - but I'm trying to immerse myself in it as much as I can and learn as much as I can. Marketing is a skill like any other, and I've already taught myself everything I need to make my games, so this shouldn't be TOO different to all of that...

I've also been thinking about MARDEK recently... Or rather, I've been thinking about money, and I wondered whether MARDEK 4 might be a 'guaranteed' way to make some of that in the way that some of my other projects might not. I PROMISE NOTHING, but I'll be thinking about working on that over the coming weeks. That doesn't mean that I will work on it; just that I'll be considering it. The main reason that puts me off is the time investment; it'll likely take months to finish, and I don't feel I can really afford that at this point. I'd much rather finish quicker things and go from there.

My list of priorities looks something like this at the moment:

- Research the games scene to see how best to release Yden
- Finish some AFC quests that aren't horrendously off-putting so then I can finally get it out of the damned door!
- Develop Miasmon to a point where it's playable but not 'done'; it'll have regular updates, but I just want to get started.
- Think about MARDEK 4 alongside all of that.

I wrote more about this on the Alora Fane site: ∞ LINK ∞

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Just to people who don't know, Pseudo regularly writes updates on Alora Fane, just not Fig Hunter recently. If you want to stay in the loop, I would recommend you going there o_O.

I'm thrilled that you're thinking about MARDEK 4, as MARDEK is one of my favorite RPG series of all time (and I've played damn near every popular RPG series under the sun), and I hope you can capture the inspiration that led to the earlier entries :)

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I'd pay for Mardek 4 if thats what its gonna take. I wanna finish the series before I become an old man

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Hokzwijn 20 Netherlands PhlegmaticMelancholic INTP 913 31C
Thanks a lot for keeping up with this site, Psuedo. I really enjoy playing your games and seeing the work you do. I am also glad that you're finding a comfortable way of life. You are doing a great job and don't let anyone else think it's any different.

Keep up the good work!

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MARDEK is the best flash game I have ever played and one of the most interesting RPG no matter plataform or technology. I did not know about your others games, like Raider series, but I will check them.

You said that you have been through rough personal times, I do not how to cheer you up, but I can only say that your job has not been unnoticed, there is a lot of people who appreciate it.

I wish you all the best

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You Said You Think No One Cares About This Site, I Do, He Does, She Does, And Even IT Cares. Lots'o People Care About This Site All Of Your Games Are Great, And I Will Play Them 'Till I Grow Old And Die...

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Good to hear Pseudo, glad you've gotten past that rock-bottom point and are now working to better yourself.

If you decide to Steam Greenlight a game, I'm sure we could spread the word to get you going (many Kong connections here), so that's always an option.

As far as MARDEK 4 goes, I'm sure that would be a sure-fire way to make quite a bit of money, no matter what you do with it. Just remember that no matter which way you choose, free or pay, some people are going to be unhappy, but just do whatever makes you happiest/richest. And, it sounds like you aren't, but don't worry about getting it done too soon; we've waited this long, we'll wait until you're ready ^^.

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I'm still here supporting you. I've been trying to muster up motivation to start making my own game(s) because I'm a decent pixel artist but I can't find anyone who I can trust or will have the same level of commitment I have. One day I will make my own site like you :D

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Great job Pseudo, it seems things just keep going up and up (a few downs and ruts, but mostly ups!) for you! I've read all of the posts on Alora Fane that I could, and I am incredibly intrigued by the idea you came up with for AF:C! When you release the game, I will play it for hours (if I can and mom doesn't stop me)! I'll admit I played the beta once and got higgity haggity ADDICTED to it! It even gave me ideas for my own universe!

I feel that in improving happiness and yourself, you'll not only produce faster, but be much happier as well! I know mostly from experience it CAN work, but I can't give any complete positives that it always does, but yes! Keep trying! Keep driving on! THAT'S why I like you so much. You get stuck, and you push through eventually, despite all the mistakes or hardships you may face.

On the next topic, Yden also greatly interests me. Sure the characters may be staticly in place, but now that you've done research, you should know better than a lot of people how to integrate it! We'll see though, as you said, it's a gamble, but I'm glad you're willing to take it!

Next, Miasmon. How far this has come along in a sense! I am still interested in this, as I am addicted to monster catching stuff, and your universe of Fracture fits well, if you still use it and all (though it is most likely to change, I'm sure it'll still be cool!).

Lastly, it's great you have interest in MARDEK again, but I'm glad you want to finish your other projects first. No reason to dive head first into it when you have other games you've spent much too much time on to abandon yet!

All in all, the post was very POSITIVE and REFRESHING! As always, I hope this keeps up for you!
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It'd be cool if I could log into the Alora Fane site and all.

GL with your work!

Maybe a kickstarter asking for all your living expenses for like a year or two should be enough for Mardek 4.

If the people here from Fig Hunter can get fans of the previous 3 games to support the fourth then I'm pretty sure things might just work out for you.

You could also add Ads to the Kick Starter from your previous games, if they don't have ads then you can request their removal from sites that stole your intellectual property.

Again, GL Tobias. May you find your way home.
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