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3 years ago

Weekly Update!!1

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Whoops, I've been mentally all over the place recently and have been neglecting to update this place when I update the Alora Fane site! And since I still don't have membership open there, I've no idea how many people even read those posts...

Anyway, I'm sure you'll be delighted to hear that while Miasmon is coming along well, I took a week-long break to work on a game where you make pretend people have sex with eachother. I talked about it in wearying detail here: ∞ LINK ∞

Even if you're not interested in the game, it might be interesting as an example of the game development process or something. How concepts are tried, rejected, improved. How ideas grow from a stray thought into a full project... Well, for me, anyway; I imagine Proper Developers work much more professionally!

As I mentioned in that post, I may upload this toy of a thing soon, so that's something at least, even if it's hardly MARDEK 4: Moric's Revenge.

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I think this new simulation game is a novel and valuable concept, and I think that developing it could change your fan base as you've always wanted to. The open gameplay style is something that seems very fresh to me, something original. I think you could really benefit from fully developing the concept and game and selling it off the right way.

If I were developing the game I think I know the path I'd take with it. If you end up developing it similarly I will not have the arrogance to assume I was in any way responsible, I merely like toying around with the idea myself:
I think I'd want to develop a number of different habitats, which would function as different starting grounds for different tribes. These habitats would dictate some of their tribe (family name's) resources, and the skills possessed by individuals in that tribe. Based on these resources and skills, (which would of course change on inter-breeding), you'd establish family wealth (a class structure I guess), which would create the notion of marrying up or down. Tribes could war with each other and take each other's lands/resources, changing the wealth, skills, resources (perhaps even culture if things go that complex) of both the winning and losing tribes. I suppose these wars would also be fought with the tribe's set of skills.
The issue with this type of game would be that it could basically be considered a genocide simulator which implied that the domination of a singular culture over all others was inevitable in human history. But also intercourse anyone who would hold that against a game that was otherwise fun.

I understand what you meant in your log, since the idea of the simulator is so addictive and boundless to even me, that I was motivated to flesh out the idea in my head. What I mean to say is you're really on to something.

Also, I'm frustrated with the people who got hung up on the joking reference to Mardek 4. Don't make Mardek 4. You've been there, you've done traditional RPGs. I think the idea you have on your hands now is much more original, and worth much more.

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Ah, you're a Diamond mate.. You're finally mentioned Mardek 4.. I hope you're releasing it as soon as possible.. If so, then this will be perfect.. Regards. :D

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SairiRM 18 Albania CholericPhlegmatic ESTP 1C
I'm dying to see how the new Miasmon game has become. And I got even more excited when you mentioned the title of Mardek 4 Moric's Revenge. I hope you're doing well! :)

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When you first introduced that idea on deviantart I found it already pretty genius (also mad, but a mad genius is the best genius anyway). It reminded me of something Richard Dawkins used as an example in 'The Blind Watchmaker', a simple computer program using a bunch of randomized figures consisting of lines which are able to create offspring of a sort. I am intrigued that you followed up on your idea.

I can understand how games like that can get you addicted, I can see that happening to me too. I can also understand how you can get absorbed in creating this and tweaking and adding to it, sometimes one can get into a real rush and start fanatically doing something that doesn't really seems worthwhile to others.

I am also very much impressed that you could code something like that, I don't know exactly how difficult it would be to code something like that since I have not exactly profound knowledge of coding, but I expect that you at least need the combination of programming abilities and artisitc knowledge you have accumulated through the years and with a lot of hard work.

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You are exactly right PyroLoneOwl, I myself got very excited by the mention of MARDEK 4. Sometimes it just feel like Pseudolonewolf has forgotten about the MARDEK series but a little reference to it is always nice to hear.
I know you're not always happy with your work Pseudo, but you are an amazing artist and sure all the people on this site should help you believe that yourself! So far everything you've thrown at us has been pure gold, and I doubt that will change anytime soon. If you're ever feeling down I suggest you join the chat, loads of people would love to talk to you sometime and they may even inspire you.
The Crimson Sun

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This seems like a pretty nifty little thingo you've got here, even if it's not my cup o' tea exactly. And if you're going to put off working on Miasmon, this seems like the best kind of procrastination; highly productive and with interesting results. Maybe you should do this more often. *flees mob of Miasmon fans*

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PyroLoneOwl 19 Philippines PhlegmaticMelancholic INTP 613 18C
I'm probably right when I say majority of people got more excited from the mention of MARDEK 4: Moric's Revenge than your new discovery.
I've no idea why, but your new game sort of reminds me of Sims, Virtual Villagers, and other God-games. Well, of course they would share similarities, since you have total control over them, but yours has an interesting twist into it...
It would be a refreshing experience from other "You Are God" games, that's for sure.