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5 years ago

Sudden Change!!

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Categories: The Site
I changed the site to the new 'sunlit' version about nine months ago in order to make the place nicer for myself; more inviting, less harsh and toxic and so on. I feel that it caused more harm than good, though; the colours were 'too bright', the thinking/feeling split in the forums was certainly a bad idea, etc, etc.

I've tried to remedy this now, all of a sudden, with a reworking of the site. (You may need to refresh to see it properly.)

It's darker now, like previous versions, though the colours are somewhat different. Hopefully this will not burn peoples' eyes out.

I've also changed the forum categories to more sensible ones. Rather than trying to shape the community in a way that I personally find desirable, instead I've designed the new sections around the types of people that have already found their home here. All the existing threads are now dumped into the 'Archive' section.

I've made these changes partly in order to escape an era of my life that wasn't doing me any good... and to hopefully make this place nicer to visit for everyone. But also, it's because I'm working on another site - I've mentioned it a few times now - which will serve as an alternate community that IS more up my street. I know for certain that many members here simply wouldn't belong there, so rather than starting some hostile war over it, I thought I'd make this place somewhere where such people would rather stay *anyway*. I suppose you could think of it as a gesture that I'm not neglecting or ignoring any of you, or telling you to leave or something.

So while the OTHER community will be the soft, feely, emotional, gentle, sensitive, sappy, soppy, empathetic place that I really do want, THIS place is tailored more towards people who'd prefer to have Intelligent Discussions about things in a polite but critical manner, without worrying about walking on eggshells the whole time. Or something. Basically, the other place will be INFJ Land, while this'll be INTJ Land. Yes.

I'm HOPING that that's what'll happen... but I suppose I can but see.

Now I shall brace myself for the disgust at the change and the brutal comments about how certain aspects of this new version just aren't good enough!!!
5 years ago

Catharsis Comic

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Categories: Art
One of the not-game-related things I've been working on recently is a simple comic of sorts. It's called Catharsis, and the point of it is largely to improve my art skills and to essentially vent about things that are meaningful to me. It's designed more to make you think than to make you laugh, though I don't know what direction it'll go in in the future, if indeed I carry on with it at all.

I've done two so far. You can click them to enlarge them:

5 years ago

Just so you know...

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Categories: Plans
I'm still making games, but I've been distracted with a lot of real-life concerns recently. I'll continue to write blog posts here, but probably only when I have something to actually show or talk about. If I don't post, it doesn't mean I've abandoned the place; just that I'm busy with things that relate to getting my life sorted out. So yes.