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4 years ago

Game Progress!!

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
As much as it hurts, I want to try and just get away from all that recent drama... So I want to talk about the games that I'm working on, because that's still apparently the kind of thing that I do.

I've been trying to work on that game called Alora Fane: Creation for a while now, but I'd really been struggling with the plot, as I might have said before. I tried a bunch of things, but nothing worked out quite right. Frustrating!

During this block, my attention turned to a project I started a while back, which was Clarence RPG! The sequel that nobody asked for! Lots of fun, for sure!!

I'm still fond of that concept, since it's all rather silly and everything... When I started on it, I lacked the art skills to adequately represent the characters that had appeared in my mind, and that was one of the main reasons I gave up development on it. However, now that I've improved quite a bit with those art skills, I decided to take another stab at it. Here are the results!

On the left is Clarence, everyone's favourite disgusting, obnoxious oaf. He has no redeeming characteristics, and is a wholly repugnant man. What a hero~!

Beside him is Sally, the woman he married at the end of Clarence's Big Chance, who in this sequel takes that name rather than the other two since it's simply easier to give her a set name. She's obviously way out of Clarence's league, and the plot basically involves her realising this, which makes Clarence want to win her back in much the same way that he won her in the first place!

Next is a mysterious vagrant called Mr Narrator, who follows Clarence around and talks as if he's narrating what's going on.

Then there's a lovely, shy, sensitive dairy farmer, whose delicate problems would be handled by the plot with tender pathos and the utmost subtlety and tact. Or not. He's called Butterbelch!

Beside him is a short woman (not a child!) who's a sort of cross between a crazy cat lady and an obsessive anime fangirl. She insists on calling herself 'kawaiineko83'!

Candi Applez, the next in line, is a sophisticated Business Girl whose favourite things are modesty and subtlety. Clearly.

And right at the end is the MAIN VILLAIN, a completely nice and friendly man named Ernest Love, who unintentionally charms Sally with his phlegmatic charisma. Stopping this TERRIFYING THREAT is the plot of the game!

So yes! Clarence RPG. Though I drew those characters and intended to work on it for a bit (possibly as an app), that's not going to happen immediately because gasp, I actually got sudden inspiration for that Alora Fane: Creation thing's plot! I've now written most of the story's skeleton, and I'm relatively happy with it. It might not be world-shatteringly original or amazing or anything, but at this point I think having something that's 'okay' and just finally getting the game out would be for the best. I need the money, after all!

I'll continue working on that, and since all the assets are already done anyway, actually making it as a game shouldn't take very long at all. I can't say when it might be out, but I'm going to try my best to work hard and fast on it... which I'll be able to do as long as people don't cause me stress and frustration, which is extremely distracting and which destroys my motivation. So please, for the sake of my sanity, don't do that.
5 years ago


◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
Oh, sorry, I've been avoiding this place recently, so I keep forgetting to add Weekly Updates.

I've been doing more work on Programon, but I've also resumed work on the RPG sequel to Clarence's Big Chance. Working on two games at the same time seems to be working well enough, because when I lose the motivation to do work on one, I can switch to the other for a short while, and I end up juggling them between days like that and getting more done than I would if I just spent that 'developer block' time procrastinating and praying to my heathen gods for some kind of magical motivation boost.

Clarence RPG is fun to work on because it's a pure comedy game, so I can just be silly without worrying about too much really making all that much sense. Rather than rambling on about it, I'll show you a dozen screenshots:

I've also been doing concept art for Programon... I can't remember whether I've mentioned this or not already, but you can make your trainer one of five different races. It's a purely cosmetic choice, because your trainer probably won't DO anything (or if they do, your race won't be a factor), but I thought it'd be a nice bit of customisation for players to enjoy.

Here are five sketchy drawings of the as-of-yet-unnamed races:

So yes! Screenshots. Progress. I'm still alive, and so on.
5 years ago

Weekly Update

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
I haven't been working on Miasmon recently, I'm sorry to say. I found that I was just completely burned out from working on it for so long, and had no passion about it... Having to do animations for all the monsters was a pain, too, especially since Flash was coming up with those frustrating animation problems.

My new computer will supposedly arrive by the 21st (pfft, I was hoping when I ordered it WEEKS ago that I'd have it within days), so I'm hoping that when it does, my work will feel very much refreshed. It'll be so nice to use a computer that doesn't lag and stall constantly, and if Flash can export in less than the two minutes it takes at the moment (which doesn't sound like very long, but I need to sit there twiddling my thumbs for two minutes every time I want to test some minor addition to the code), then that'll make working on games a lot more joyous than it is currently.

In order to not just be completely wasting time until it arrives, I've actually started work on another game. I thought I might as well do that rather than nothing.

I lack passion at the moment about Miasmon, partly because I have to do so very many monsters, but also because I feel nothing much at all for the characters. When the cast is bland, writing the story doesn't come easily... but I'm stuck with the characters now and despite trying hard to tweak them to make them more appealing through various quirks, I just can't feel *excited* by them. Especially since you necessarily have to wander around alone all the time, so any plot events have to use contrived reasons to bring all the key players together in one place. It's much easier with RPGs where you have a party trailing behind you, because they're always there when they need to be without making excuses as to why.

A few months ago, I secretly started working on an RPG sequel to Clarence's Big Chance. I found the concept hilarious, especially since the battles weren't based around violence; they used the same mechanical concepts - hit points, skills that deal damage, turns, etc - but rather than representing bloodshed and spell flinging, they represented *social interactions*.

I'd been wanting to do a non-violent RPG for ages, because it really bothers me how when I complain about violent games, people can fairly say "but you make games with violence in them!!"
Since Clarence is a socially incompetent oaf, and the game would be a comedy, it seemed to fit.

Rather than having HP, characters would have 'willpower' instead, and rather than having elemental skills like fire, water, etc, each skill would have an emotional 'flavour' like 'happy', 'angry', 'friendly', 'disgusting', and so on. Characters and enemies would have weaknesses and resistances to these like creatures do to elements in MARDEK; a wandering Thug might shrug off your angry tirade, but if a female character winked sexily at him, he'd fall apart.
Skills themselves would have names like 'Smile' or 'Jiggle' or 'Insult'.
And rather than having stats like 'strength' and 'spirit' and 'speed', characters would have 'Charisma' (to determine the power of positive, friendly skills), 'Obnoxiousness' (to determine the power of negative, annoying skills), and 'Perkiness' (speed).
Clarence would have terrible charisma but very high obnoxiousness, of course.

It was really absurd, and I thought it was great. I'd done all the necessary planning, written the whole plot, and coded the whole engine (being able to base it on the 'VersaTile' engine I built specifically to be reusable sped up development by weeks).
It was coming along great... until I hit a wall when it came to making graphics. Tilesets and things. It's set in the modern day, of course, like CBC, and apparently I've never done a modern city tileset before! Trying to make one was draining because I'm a perfectionist... The plot itself was a bit of a bother too, because while I thought it was very silly and amusing, it was based entirely around amoral, selfish actions, which I felt was fitting for someone like Clarence. All the characters who joined you were nasty people in their own ways.
I got tired and returned to Miasmon about two weeks after starting on this new game. That was a few months ago. I didn't mention it because I didn't know if I'd go anywhere with it, but felt the need to at least try.

I do want to finish it! Because I do think it'd be received well, for humour alone if nothing else. Though I'm not going to work on it at the moment or anything...

I've been drawing a lot recently, and getting into things I've never done before, like anthros (if you don't know what they are - and I don't know whether to assume everyone would or not - they're basically animal people; furries), which is interesting. I'm learning a lot and developing skills that have been stagnating for years.
While drawing, and while longing lonelily for emotional satisfaction that I wish I had, I came up with another idea for a game with a very similar system to the Clarence RPG thing, but with a much nicer, gentler feel to it.

It's similar to Alora Fane in that it's based around my own personal emotional issues in some way; this makes it emotionally satisfying to work on, because the whole point of doing creative work as an ~artist~ is self expression, and this is a great way to go about it.

The protagonist is a female deer girl anthro thing in a world full of other deer people; she goes to a school of sorts, actually. She's really shy, though, and every social encounter with a stranger is like a TERRIBLE BATTLE to be endured until it's over; I found this an amusing metaphor for neurotic introversion, or social anxiety in particular. My hope is that it'll really speak to people like me because of that.
The plot is very short and narrow in scope; it spans a single day, during which you have to prepare for some big exam sort of thing which involves talking to people around the school. Which of course is difficult! And emotional stuff comes up along the way, etc.

I've written pages and pages of planning about it, but I won't go into any detail just yet. I can't promise that I'll finish it, but so far I'm taking a very different approach towards making it that I'm *hoping* will be successful.
Usually I get stuck on graphics, you see, but I'm using a new mentality about art which allows me to climb over these walls when I come to them rather than just feeling defeated.

While no doubt the majority of its audience will end up being the usual thinky teenage boys, as is always the case with any game (especially 'Barbie's Fashion Show 3'), I'm hoping that the feel, the setting, the characters (female protagonist, heavy focus on emotion, all without being 'pink and girly'), will all appeal to a certain audience that I *want* to attract, so it's emotionally satisfying to think of using it as a 'lure' in that way. Thinking that if I finish and release it, I might have a greater chance of finding what I'm looking for.
Oh, and if anyone feels the need to tell me that I *won't* find what I'm looking for by doing this, then I'd like to please ask you to jump out of a window instead of saying that. Thank you. It'd only harm my motivation and frustrate me. Please don't. I bet someone does anyway though. Ugh. It'll still be frustrating if you try to joke about it.

I'm not artificially making the game specifically to try and attract a certain audience though, like some creep. Instead, I'm pouring almost everything I really like into it, so it'll very much be based around things that are deeply appealing to *me*.

Another thing about this game is that I'm *minimising resources*. MARDEK took years to make because it had a huge cast and a huge world, and its plot spans many chapters. Miasmon is taking too long because of all the monsters that I have to make, and it too spans several chapters, which makes me feel like I need to plan three games before finishing the first to make sure they work well together. Clarence RPG was on a smaller scale, with a cast of 6 (or 7 including the villain), but it had a somewhat lengthy plot.

This game doesn't have varied monsters or anything; instead, your characters are all these deer anthro people (who I'm calling 'cervids'), and so are almost all of the enemies. Their clothing can change, like in Deliverance, so it's easy to create variety. I just need to draw and animate two base models - a male and a female - and then drawing clothes onto them would be easy. It feels wonderful to think that I might be able to do almost all the work for battle graphics in one afternoon!

The cast is 4 characters - narrowing it down even further from Clarence RPG - and as I said, the game spans only a day, so its plot is short. It doesn't expand into other chapters, either, and is very personal rather than a 'SAVE THE WORLD!!' plot.
It's also set in a fantasy world, which I'm more familiar with making the graphics and music of than I am with a modern setting for Clarence RPG, and the characters are all based on archetypes that are close to my heart and which are specifically designed to be really easy to write for.

So all of these things have been planned to make it easy to finish.

I've stolen Clarence RPG's code and adapted it for this game; most of the engine is done now after like two days of work (I've been working on it for longer than that, but mainly just doing art to plan the graphics, and writing down plans for the plot, setting, characters, mechanics, etc).
So that's promising!

I know that the idea of me working on *something else* is not the nicest news in the world, especially if the game is going to be self-indulgent feely drivel (WHICH IT IS), but I'd rather do this than nothing, and *feel* like I need to make a game like this at this point in my life in order to feel emotionally satisfied.

I wasn't going to tell any of you about this until I'd done more work on it... But I have anyway. I suppose it's a way of saying "I am actually doing something!"

Once it's done, I'll return to either Miasmon, Clarence RPG, or even MARDEK 4 if I feel up to it. We'll see!

Oh, and it's called 'Timid Cervid', by the way, at least for now. I might change the name later.

...I'd also like to ask anyone who's planning to reply to this by brutally expressing their distaste at my choices or my idea to defenestrate themselves too. Thank you.
I am seriously thinking about banning people who reply in an unproductively hurtful manner.