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5 years ago

Temperaments and MBTI Correlation

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
I know I said I'd start using this only for game updates, but I feel that this might be something mildly interesting to a few of you since both of these personality systems are used on this site.

I've essentially abandoned the use of temperaments myself since discovering Myers-Briggs and the Enneagram, since they're inferior in many ways. However, I've just been reading something that assigns one of the temperament names to certain interaction styles, and lists each Myers-Briggs type that fits each one.

These four 'interaction styles' are based around the idea of Directing/Informing, and Responding/Initiating.

Directive behaviour is commanding, while Informing is not; compare "give me some help" with "I need some help here!". Both are meant as a way of communicating a request, but the directing one is blunt, imperative and to the point, while the informing one merely conveys information and expects the recipient to act on it of their own volition. Some directive types can be oblivious to informing types' requests because they don't realise they're requests at all, while informing types may find directive commands brusque and rude.

Responding and Initiating are in many ways introversion and extroversion, or background and foreground; initiators get things going, while responders wait for others to make the first move, essentially.

The four temperaments are pairs of these, and four Myers-Briggs types tend to fit into each one:

Choleric ("In Charge")
Directing + Initiating

Melancholic ("Chart the Course")
Directing + Responding

Sanguine ("Get things Going")
Informing + Initiating

Phlegmatic ("Behind the Scenes")
Informing + Responding

As an INFJ, I'm directing and responding, and that fits well enough with Melancholic, which is good to know. Despite being naturally directing, I actually don't like the directing style at all, and tend to consciously use informing language and prefer to be on the receiving end of it too.

Does your type fit with your temperament here?!?
5 years ago

Weekly Update

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I'm currently trying to apply to go back to university!1 Or rather, to go to university properly this time; I did go a few years ago to one in Australia, but I dropped out due to the whole moving back to the UK thing, and since then I've just been trying to make games.

I'm going to do a 'Game Art' course in one of three UK-based universities, and it seems like it'll be much more up my street than the blander, more technical 'Game Development' thing I did years ago, which was mainly cold and lifeless programming. The design aspects are always my favourite parts, and art is currently perhaps a bigger part of my life than ever.

Speaking of art, yet again I'm going to fill my post with pretty pictures for you to ogle, to make up for the fact that the university stuff has been taking up my game development time this last week (since the deadline is this Sunday, and I've put it off until the last minute).
Look! Painty faces of MARDEK characters! Wow! Gasp!

This is Rohoph in Mardek's body! Doesn't he look like a happy chappy?

This is Deugan's head and also a green wolf's head, for some reason. IT'S NOT ARK THOUGH.

And this is Emela, looking unintentionally bored and miserable because I need to work on my facial expression drawing skills.

I also drew a self portrait of my own ugly mug, but you don't need to see that; even I can't bear to look at it!

Yet another thing that I'm sure you'll all SPOIL YOUR PANTALOONS over is this long and tedious thing about Myers-Briggs that might shed light on a lot of things if you bother to read it!!11!1

Did you read it?!? Did you learn anything?!?

Either way, hello. I'm probably not going to do much on games over the next week due to the university deadline and my worries about that, but afterwards, I'll be able to focus on them quite a bit, so I should make good progress on Programon and Clarence RPG! Hopefully!!
5 years ago

Enneagram Instinctual Variants

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Unforunately, I've got nothing much to say about Timid Cervid at the moment; nothing new, I mean. So I will say nothing about it at all!1

Instead, I'll be talking about everyone's favourite topic: PERSONALITY TYPES. Gasp. I've never done THAT before, have I?

The enneagram is fairly well integrated into the site at the moment, and adding tritypes recently added a lot of variety and depth to it.
However, there's another aspect of the enneagram that I've not covered at all, but which significantly affects how the types manifest themselves. It's called Instinctual Variants.

There are three 'instinctual variants', which are called Sexual (Sx), Social (So), and Self-Preservation (Sp).
We all have all three of these instincts, but to varying degrees; to show your preference, you'd list your first two and omit the third. SxSo, for example, would mean that the Sexual instinct was dominant, the Social instinct was important too, but the Self Preservation instinct was faint.

The 'Sexual' instinct doesn't deal with sex as such. It relates to intimacy; to deep connections, and to 'intensity' of various kinds as well.

The 'Social' instinct doesn't relate to socialising either; instead, it relates to concerns like how others will think of you, how you fit on the social ladder, and so on. Social types generally want to be admired by others; they may find the idea of being a celebrity appealing.

The 'Self Preservation' instinct deals with protecting yourself and ensuring your personal comfort; it can lead to obsessing over whether or not you have a healthy home life and adequate resources, or it can lead to things like hiding personal information to ensure your safety.

Each of these variants manifests very differently for each type, though!
You can read about them in detail on this handy site: ∞ LINK ∞

For example, I personally am a type 4 (for this, you only use the FIRST number of your, uh, six from your tritype; the dominant number of your dominant enneatype), and my instinctual variants are apparently Sexual and Social.

Isn't that totally what you were expecting?!? o_O

I'm certainly not any kind of SEX HOUND who goes around seeking out promiscuous pleasures of the flesh, but intimate bonds are what I aim for, and I couldn't live without a deep loving relationship with another. I am not interested in 'shallow' friendships; acquaintances.
I've mentioned before that I have a strong sense of a 'social ladder', and while I can talk to members of this site, I'm terrified of joining others in case I'm not accepted, and I wouldn't seek out other game developers because I feel I have no right to talk to them. Negotiating sponsorship deals for my games is very difficult, because I feel that the sponsor is 'above' me on the ladder, and as such I can't talk to them comfortably at all.
I'm not remotely tough, though, and it bothers me when people hide things about themselves that prevent me from knowing more about them. I'm physically dependent on others to survive, and roll my eyes at people who prepare for the zombie apocalypse rather than thinking 'hmm, maybe I should do that'.

This description of the Sx Type 4 (which it calls the 'Intimate' rather than 'Sexual') describes me very well indeed: ∞ LINK ∞

It also explains a whole lot of my current problems, anxieties, and in many ways my sluggish recent progress with game development. I can't function without love!

But what about you? If you know your enneatype, perhaps you'd be interested in reading about the three variants of it on that site and choosing two of them.
You might learn more about yourself!

I'm thinking of adding them as *yet another* Setting thing to further clutter up userpages, because they do make a lot of difference. I can't relate to Self-Preservation 4s at all, for example, and would find them rather uncomfortable to know, as it apparently manifests as the *opposite* of self-preserving; as recklessness, volatility, and so on.

I may add them as a feature RIGHT NOW in fact!

Testing: SoSx SpSx SoSp