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6 years ago

Affinity System!

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
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The idea that I posted about mere hours ago has now gone from concept to working function.

It's really easy to use, too. To the right of everyone's username you'll see a space; if you roll over it, a sort of 'dashed box' or 'crosshair' will appear. If you click on that, a popup will appear, letting you choose the affinity for that person.
Like with ratings, you can change your affinity for them at any time, and remove it by selecting the value that you currently have set for them.

The space will be taken up by the appropriate icon, though often you'll need to refresh the page to see it by their name (except in the chat, which updates automatically anyway).

There's currently no way to see totals for anyone, though I may get to that later today.

EDIT: Totals are now shown rather inconspicuously on the Friends tab of userpages. They're there, but there's no big deal made about them, so it shouldn't be too much of a worry.

Also, if any of this isn't working for you, try refreshing. Not just redirecting to the page, but by using the actual refresh button.

ANOTHER EDIT: You can now see who you've given affinity marks to from the Contributions page.
6 years ago

Affinity System?

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
Categories: Features The Site
I had an idea a while ago but never really did anything with it; it's come to mind again though, and I wonder if it would be interesting to add.

Basically, it would be a way of marking people based on how much you liked (or disliked) them; a sort of personal rating system, but different.

You'd be able to mark each member with a little icon, each one having a different value and meaning reflecting your feelings about them, like:

Close Friend
Very Irritating

...or something. Each one would look different, like different smiley faces or something, with 'hate' being angry and red and 'love' being green or pink or maybe even heart-shaped.

The mark that you give to any member will be shown beside their name at all times, but *only for you*; that is, if one person marks me as 'Okay' while another marks me as 'Hate', the former will only see the 'Okay' mark and the latter will only see the 'Hate' mark. Others who hadn't marked me at all wouldn't see any mark.

These marks would be anonymous; people wouldn't be able to see which members had marked them as which values. However, you could check their marking totals via their userpages, so you could know if three people considered you a Close Friend, but not who they were unless they told you.

The main point of such a thing would really just be something like being able to tell at a glance whether the chatroom had a 'desirable crowd', or whether many people you liked or hated had been posting in a certain place so then you could join in or avoid it.
It may also be sort of satisfying to mark people you like or dislike in this way, and of course you could change or remove the marking at any time if they changed; since it would be shown in their name thing, you'd never forget which mark you gave them.

It wouldn't be difficult to add, but what do you think, people? Would you be interested in such a thing?
6 years ago

Clickable Flags

◊ Posted by A β Pseudolonewolf
Categories: Features The Site
It's now possible to click on the country flags shown on comments in order to see all the people from that country.