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I'm not too sure as to what one means by documentation. Right now I'm thinking of citations when writing papers and all the specific criteria different styles have. For example, MLA and APA. The styles are very specific and misformatting one section may lead to a penalty on a paper. I just wish that there was a universal style for citing sources instead of all these different ones; I have to consult a handbook every time just to make sure I'm doing them correctly!

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This is something that I torridly abhor. When you're doing a job interview, they ask for national security details, bank details, qualifications, references, other proof of identification, insurance documents, etc, etc. They then force you to sign of hundreds of contracts and waivers and other generic junk before they even pass over your application...

When you're applying for University Funding in England, they can require tax details, income documents, medical records, proof of identity, proof of citizenship, proof of address, etc, and again, they force you to sign so much paperwork that you bleed ink.

Bank statements and documents are equally bad - they pile up endlessly. Think of the trees!!!1! It's terrifying and stressful and it generally ruins several of my days. It's just something unnecessary which causes the populace to feel horrible and miserable and have a bad day.