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Memes in general are pretty interesting. They undego a form of evolution where the 'able' ones survive (the ones that actually are funny or something different that distinguishs them from the other memes) and the lesser able ones quickly get forgotten.

Strong memes in human history are the monsters for little children for example. Or many holy texts. Or the character of the 'jester' in most folklore stories in every culture. I find all that pretty interesting.

I don't believe that many internet memes will prove strong enough to survive considerable long time spans.

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I find it rather irritating to have new memes calm down after a week or so on the internet, only to have people spewing them out in REAL LIFE a month later.

And in general, even though I find memes convenient and sometimes funny, it's really no way to fully express oneself, and most of the "jokes" that they contain are extremely lacking and/or unoriginal. In my opinion, memes foster uncreative practices such as overused jokes that are only acceptable because "everyone else is doing it!11!" or something. I'd really prefer to draw something original that conveys my message, or to write something like this. At least I would be able to call this content my own, instead of using sentence fragments and a picture of a penguin or something...

A kid on my school bus has a t-shirt with the troll face on it. He likes to flaunt it to passersby inside the bus while singing, "TROLOLOLOLOL" as if he is being genuinely funny. Perhaps he was at one time, but now he's just obnoxious. I don't see the appeal; I only see the kid trying to be entertaining and seeking approval from his peers because he's doing something that he knows will win him some slight smirks and chuckles. It feels so shallow.

And by the universe, he just doesn't stop. It's like beating a dead horse that had died, turned undead, then died again. It's not like he's doing anything meaningful; he's just going "HEY, LOOK! MEME! HAHA!" It's rather irksome.

... I can't say I like memes, no.

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Internet memes are great for conveying certain feelings as they're widely recognized by the online community. For those tiring of it, they usually die out within 2 years. Look at Nyan Cat. Not as many people are talking about it anymore.

Of course, if you go on 9GAG...

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Internet Memes can be pretty funny, but they usually start to get on my nerves after a while.