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In light of this general "movement" towards the security of privatized (copyrighted) material, of which I am in favor in theory, I'd like to point out a significant happenstance: The US Government, using Virginia-based servers as a legal springboard, just shut down the popular and highly-trafficked site, Those of you who are familiar with the site will know that the majority of content hosted on the Hong Kong-based site is copyrighted material, and it has been one of the largest offenders of copyright-infringement, and therefore online piracy, to date.

I am 100% in support of the elimination of this site on those grounds. This kind of targeted attack against major copyright infringement is what all governments should be doing to protect intellectual property.

However, the massive "blanket" solution offered by SOPA does not necessarily limit actions to targeted attacks on large-scale offenders. I think the issue with the legislation is the lack of ability to scope the sites that would be effected. The solution the US Government decided that the best way to phrase it would be to essentially say, "at our discretion," which doesn't sit right with pretty much anyone. Further, as the US Government simply doesn't have a good grasp on the "content" of the internet (as no one does, really), they cannot scope the legislation to include, say, "those sites who host a certain percentage of internet copyright-infringing material," or even, "those sites whose copyright-infringing material comprises a certain percentage of their site's total content." What's more, specifically defining such criteria opens the door for possible loop-holes.

To summarize: stopping online piracy is good, but how can you appropriately define the legislature that will give a government grounds to do so?

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SOPA. It's all over the internet at the moment, so I thought this could be a good place to discuss it.

I'm unsure what to think of this at the moment.

In theory I agree wholeheartedly with the idea that intellectual property should be protected and that illegality should not occur. The pirating of music and software is not a victimless crime. pirates drive the prices up, so regular law abiders have to pay more. If the developer wants to go opensource out of the goodness of their heart then they should be applauded, but it shouldn't stop companies making money in a capitalist society. Basically protecting intellectual property does equal censorship.

However, I believe that the bill (which currently doesn't affect me being English, but inevitably will do) could be enforced with a little heavy handedness -stopping the freedom of speech some have claimed.

First off. If I were to write a vitriolic hate message here against a certain sector of the world's population, that would not only probably get me banned, but the police would justifiably want to know what I was doing. That should be between me and my conscience (and/or the police) NOT the responsibility of Pseudolonewolf (the website owner).

I realise I'm rambling, but if this can make the internet safer for all then I'm in favour of it. The test of course will be how it is applied, and I have a sinking feeling about that.