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I like words that can be used multiple times in succession.

(talking about the misprinted pub sign "The KingandQueen") You need a space between King and "and" and "and" and Queen


(Talking about an essay) John, where Jane had had "had", had had "had had". "Had had" had had the teacher's approval.

And of course the famous "Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo." {translated as: (the) buffalo (from) Buffalo (who are) buffalo(ed by) buffalo (from) Buffalo, buffalo [verb] (other) buffalo (from) Buffalo.}

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Well... I'm not on the list here, but I think I should say something because there are a couple of words that I really like. They would be:

Lachrymose, Zenith, and Empyrean... and I think that I can extend that to Asphodel, as well. Yes. I just like their spellings, I think. They look pretty interesting to me. Though, I'm not entirely sure how I'm supposed to pronounced them as seeing as I missed out on the very important childhood joy of reading the dictionary. Yes... I'm very displeased about that fact. Really. Okay, maybe not.

I don't really like to make up words for some reason... I think it's just because I don't want to feel embarrassed when people give me weird looks. I do make up a lot for stories though, because that way I can justify them. I'm pretty sure that there's certain words that I have been using incorrectly, as well, but I can't really tell what they are right now. Usually I'll be able to tell when somebody gives me a funny look and asks me to repeat what I've just said.

My vocabulary is a little odd... I think I have a fairly large one, only I never use most of it in speech because of, again, pronunciation issues. When I'm writing, I'm usually able to incorporate better/more sophisticated/more appropriate/more definitive words than what's in my regular vocabulary... Now that I think of it, I think I actually have four different lists hanging around in my head. One of them is for speech, another is for writing, another revolves entirely around Latin and Latin roots, and the last is my personal language of monosyllabic words, sounds, and odd hums... which can be found on my profile. You know... because I'm paranoid enough to think that people may not be able to understand me, so I've put it up somewhere just in case I forget what I'm even talking about and need to explain it to somebody in actual words.

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You know what? We should discuss words!

1) What are some words you really like, for any reason and in any language? Are there some you really dislike?
2) Do you always use words properly, or do you like to make up new words or use them in unorthodox ways? (There was a discussion in chat recently on whether the new term 'USAian' to mean 'resident of the USA' is good because it is more accurate and less offensive than 'American,' or bad because it is not widely accepted and rather ugly.)
3) How is your vocabulary, and the range of words you use? Do you put effort into either? What is your relationship to choosing which words you use? Maybe you have some quirks, like using some very special words only in special occasions or something—

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1) I like "February." I pronounce both R's (though only lightly on the first R). That's really the only one that comes to mind.
2) I try to use words properly whenever possible, and certainly don't make up new words. In speech, I often enjoy using adjectives as nouns, however (IE, "That show gives me all of the happy"). What's more, I like to use some obviously incorrect plural nouns (milks, monies*, foods*, etc). *When the object is correctly referred to in the singular-plural ("How much monies do you have?"..."I have all the monies!"). I limit this painfully erroneous grammar to speech, however, and had some difficulty typing it out.
3) My vocabulary is, I feel, quite large. I read a near ludicrous amount, which I believe is a tremendous contributing factor. I'm also a huge fan of debate and discussion, where longer words roughly equates to a better argument (that's how that works, right?).