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    I don't expect anyone to use this word, or even look here... But I shall still explain.

    The word 'Bifflish' comes from the word 'Biffle' which derives from the verb 'to Biffle'. Other variations on it are 'Boffole' and 'Boffolish'.

    It is pronounced 'bi (as in 'BIt') -fall-ish', and 'Boffolish' is pronouced 'bof-fall-ish'.

    Now, onto the definition:
    'Bifflish': adjective An indefinite state of being, and is used in answer to 'How are you?' or 'How was _?'. It generally implies that one can not be bothered to give a elaborate answer, however, the intonation (tone of voice) usually gives away what one means. To have to attitude of 'Bifflish' is

    'Biffle': verb See 'to Biffle'.

    'to Biffle': verb A verb that can mean several things: to be bored, to be idle, to do something one should not, to do something secret, to rest. There are many other more minor meanings but the ones stated are the main ones.
    Conjugation: I biffle, you biffle, he biffles, she biffles, one biffles, we biffle, you (plural) biffle, they biffle.

    'Boffolish': adjective see Bifflish.

    'Bifflish' and 'Boffolish' can both be adverbs by adding 'ly' at the end.

    So, now you know what the word means. The actual origin is a very long story that I personally have forgotten, so all is lost (I created it). Anyway, happy word-using!