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About Me

Let's start off with how I came to this site, and a little bit about me.
I've been on Kongregate for three and a half years now, been a moderator for nearly three years under the username Confuzzledmaniac. A little over ten months ago, MARDEK 3 was put on Kong. Now, I had played through and gotten badges on the previous installments and enjoyed them well enough, but the third game was an entirely different beast. I've spent upwards of 100 hours across the three games, grinding levels and making sure I had the *best* equipment and all of the quests turned in. After MARDEK 3, I decided to check out the Raider series Pseudo has put up on Kong. Between the MARDEK and Raider series (and now Clarence), I've come to realize that Pseudo is one of my favorite Devs. Making an account on here seemed to be the logical step for following his work; I've been a part of several flash gaming communities in the past (Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy, Remnants of Skystone, Heroes of Gaia) and have contributed to content/policies in each. Should it come to that, I would be happy to help in any way I can. Otherwise, I'm happy lurking and discussing/anticipating Pseudo's works.
Been hanging around on Fig Hunter off and on for six months now.

Now, for a little about me. I've been in a position of authority on the internet for nearly three years now, and as a result I am used to getting my way and squishing idiots/those I deem idiotic. I am stubborn, enjoy being right, am right much more often than not, and have little regard for what trolls and idiots say. I do not start fires. I put them out. As a moderator, I am strict but fair. Do not break the rules or ruin someone else's day for the hell of it, and we'll co-exist.
I've suffered from an unknown illness/condition for two years, preventing me from walking or attending school like most people do. There is a great deal of pain involved (think Crohn's for a reference point), and it is a chore to do basic tasks on a day-to-day basis. I was reading newspaper articles before I was potty-trained at the age of three, attained a college reading-level by the age of nine, and have an estimated IQ of 160+. Naturally an introvert, and my condition/relative intellect has not helped that in the slightest.

I play Starcraft II, Team Fortress 2, League of Legends, Guild Wars, Minecraft, and oodles of flash games.
I own the chatroom Mapping the Problematique on Kongregate.
My favorite band is Muse, and I like to think I gravitate towards bands with distinguishable talent (vocal, in most cases). Rap/hip-hop/pop annoys the hell out of me.

See you around.

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You give a very large amount of negative comments. :O

Is there a reason, out of curiosity?

(I'm Samwise, by the way)

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The way the rating system is intended to work, a person should only rate a post or comment that incurs a profound reaction.
It might appear to be unfortunate that the majority of the feelings I have for posts are negative, but it's better to be honest and rate posts as I feel than rate posts in a way that I do not agree with, just to save face.

Rating things unjustly on this site is one of my biggest pet peeves on Fighunter. Upvoting a post because you think the person is cool, downvoting a post because that person disagreed with your opinion. It gets to be tiresome, and I hope that some people will follow my example and rate honestly, no matter how it makes them look.
Until then, we're going to have a slew of people misrepresented on the site because a good portion of the userbase are not capable of rational thought.