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[Note, This is not really written in a good tone that would sound like me...but at least it's written, yes! (This could be worse >.<)]

I like cookies and milk, but I hate it when I run out of milk. It makes me sad.

Now, who am I?
I am the reason for winter, and what keeps your food in the freezer cold. I am... [Insert Epic Music here] VeryColdAir.
What do I hate? The sun, it makes me all warm, and then I'm not very cold anymore. Not being VeryColdAir makers me sadder than not having milk when I want sugar cookies.

[Also, Don't listen to scientist, teachers, or your parents, I am the true reason behind winter and freezers.]

Now, if you see my floating around the chat, please call me Air or VCA, rather than Cold, Very, or VeryCold.

My first friend on the site was Speren . I found him in the chatroom one day when he was new.

As far as my Temperaments go, I believe I'm either or . If anything, I think I would be a pretty good mix on the two blends. However, as I couldn't put that on the site here, I just went with . If you see me in the chat room after you have read this, and want to give me your option about what I am, feel free to. (However, I don't really believe you will really get to know me that well in the chat...)

Oh, also, I changed my name when I joined the new site. I was a lerker on the old site and I had a username that I didn't like.


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