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About Me

Hello Fighunter and residents.

After years of lurking on the old site, secretly following PLW, I decided to just hit that little 'join' button.
I'm pretty bad at writing bios, so I'll just give you, thanks for actually reading my bio, a basic description of myself.

Who Am I?
My name doesn't really matter, you can adress me as DragonShinigami. Not that I'm not comfortable of giving my real name, it's just that I don't see the need. I'm 17 years old and living with my 2 parents and my little brother (15 years old).
I'm following a, I don't know the English equivalent, HAVO education in holland. It's a pretty tough one, lots of homework and stuff like that. I'm really critical about myself, it goes past the usual 'hmmm.... It could use a little improvement' thing.
In my eyes, everything I write or draw is garbage no matter what others say about it.

I sort of have a second personality or something..... It's hard to describe..... I'll just try to tell a little about it.
He started out as just an OC (Original Character, Fanfiction term) when I had a sudden spark of inspiration. So as I started typing down background information about him, I realized he was everything I was in my imagination. Let's say he's my Alter Ego, if that's what it's called. Now it's getting harder to seeing him as someone different than me, he is me and I am him. Yes, I know it sounds crazy and totally demented, but I just felt the need to talk about it. If you're really curious about this character, you should check out a WIP of a short intro story I made on DeviantArt:
∞ LINK ∞ .I created him about one month ago or something like that, but already we're blending together......

Yes, I'm crazy.

What Do I Like?
Well, as you may have noticed. I like Anime, especially Bleach. Why? Because I can relate myself to Ichigo. Furthermore, I think it has a great storyline..... Maybe the story itself isn't top-notch, but the way it is portrayed in the series, that's the charm of bleach. The beginning might be a bit boring and all, but at the point where the Rukia rescue arc kicks off, the fun starts. It starts out when Ichigo goes to Soul society to rescue her, obvious isn't it? But they later find out about a great plot that goes far beyond the execution of Rukia. I'm not going to spoil anymore about it. Then there's the first filler arc, pretty nice to watch actually. The bounto arc is as action packed as the other arc and made me forget it was a filler entirely. Well, I'm ranting on and on about bleach while you might hate it.
So..... next thing, a few weeks ago I bought Skyrim. For those who don't know what it is about, here's a link to Wikipedia: ∞ LINK ∞ . So it's basically an RPG with the option of 1st person view. But there's more, you don't pick a 'class' like in a normal RPG, your character starts out 'blank', meaning no specific field of expertise. This leads to a great freedom, you can experiment with all the available combinations like:
Mage-Archer: one of my favorites. when out of Magicka switch to arrows and hail death upon your enemies.

Archer-Warrior (one-handed): Not tried it yet, but I see potential in this one. Out of arrows? Your foe is weakened, now deliver the final blow with your blade!

Warrior-Mage: Experimented with it, but not for long. There might be some tactical advantages to this one. Biggest downside, armor. Sure it offers lots of protection, but as a mage you need to be light on your feet to dodge incoming blows. On the bright side though, you can hurl fireballs at your enemies with your left hand to weaken them and then strike them down with the sword in your right hand.

Well, that's it for now on skyrim and the combinations I think.

I'm also a huge fan of the Assassin's creed series. It's really unique since the game follows two storylines, the story of Ezio and the story of Desmond. Ezio is an assassin in the Italian renaissance and Desmond was a bartender according to the first game, but he turns out to be an assassin and Ezio is his ancestor. There is a battle going on between two factions, the assassins and the templars. The templars want to create a 'perfect world' by yhe means of force and control. For this the need the so called 'Pieces of Eden', these are mysterious and powerful artifacts. The assassins, who believe the human race has the right of free will, are fighting the templars and are trying to find the pieces of eden first. aw hell, I could write a book about the whole story. So here's a link the the wiki: ∞ LINK ∞ .
I'm sorry for my lazyness. Truly sorry, but I can't help it.

Now, you may have noticed my like and dislike list, it says I like guns and yet I hate war. Yes, it's possible. Let me explain. First of all, I do NOT like the deadly aspect of guns. It's the mechanics behind the device and how it is able to transport a bullet at amazing speed and still deliver great destruction force! Guns aren't always used for killing, like archery, it used to be a lethal practice in medieval times and today it is used in archery clubs and tournament are held. Guns are also used this way, shooting club do the same thing. This might be a new aspect for those who never took the effort to do a little research on the subject and just decided to hate guns just because the are used in war.

If you feel there's something missing or something you'd want to know about me, send me a PM.

If you read it all the way through, Thank you for showing interest in an unimportant human like me.


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