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I am mostly a lurker.

I am most interested in intellectual/philosophical discussions, rather than light chat. If you care about my philosophical stances, you can probably glean that information from my personality page. I care deeply about many things, but try to maintain a healthy distance of rationality.

I don't visit this site very often anymore, because, like many others, I feel the atmosphere is dreary, toxic, and draining.


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Zaknafein 23 United States CholericPhlegmatic INTP 9w1 56C
*slaps Perturbed Crow with a dead fish* ∞ LINK ∞

And so, your punishment has been delivered.

I'm sorry, but reading your second blurb made me chuckle so much I felt I simply had to do something to fulfill the blurber's request. It seems quite obvious to me, Perturbed Crow, that everyone could do with a little bit of being slapped by a dead fish, it being beneficial to the character and whatnot. I hope this episode teaches you something about the merits of decaying pisces, and that, in the future, you never do anything so egregious as to warrant any more fish-slapping.

Have a good day,


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β Wanderer 24 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic INTP 512 288C
I thought I was the only person that read the Old Kingdom trilogy! I'm so flustered to finally have found someone else that appreciates good literature at its finest!

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Education is weak and limited in America. The teacher standard is low and so is the quality of education.. Perhaps you didn't know but America's scores are very low in comparison to many other nations.

To quote a teacher named Celia Gaydos
"Where our system fails is in the ever-increasing need for data. Instead of allowing teachers to teach, our government wants us to all-but-follow a script - it won't surprise me in the least when that gets slapped on my desk.
We're all going to sound like every day is HSPA testing day.

These studies also fail to show just how much of poor performance is tied to cultural attitude. I teach in a suburban area, made up of mostly working-class families.
The parents are tired from working all day and expect their children to independently take care of their education themselves. No one is pushing the children, so the message becomes clear: it's not that important.
By the time they're in high school, children are expected to suddenly feel like studying and completing homework for three hours after school all on their own until their parents get home.
And no one checks that they did it. They can lie and say that they did, and it's just accepted.
They themselves are not held accountable, and when we call home, we get the ever-more-popular, "He/She's old enough now that I don't have to supervise him/her." They're still children; they're not just wrinkle-free adults. If parents don't make education important, why should their children?"

There is a massive amount of research available on the internet. -->
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