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I am never on anymore. I used to be a fairly devoted Fig, and yet I have scarcely posted anything for a year... Even now, I'm almost certainly going to leave as soon as I've posted this comment.

I wonder why that is.

Perhaps I've gotten to the point where I have more questions than answers. Perhaps my questions are all ones that I must answer myself... Perhaps they aren't, and I've fooled myself into thinking so. Perhaps I've softened from my argumentative old persona into a genuine hermit, or perhaps I've found something in the real world to supplant this place.

Or I might just be lazy.

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Ack! I don't know how to make .gifs! My avatar will be forever a fig! NOOO!!! Why must the site be so picky?

Eh, I should probably see if anyone has a way to solve this, but I really don't have the time...

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Kradfiz 19 United States PhlegmaticMelancholic INTP 513 6C
You say that you don't have the time to look for solutions, but I feel inclined to assist you with this problem. If you want to make a picture yourself, you should be able to use any program to do so since GIFs are so common. If you want to have a picture as your avatar, you can copy the image and paste it on your program (this may not work on some programs, but I'm not sure) and save it as a GIF. Most pictures wouldn't be exactly 50x50 though, so you may need to crop the picture (again, this may not work or be available on some programs). Hopefully you will find these instructions and benefit from them.

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Thanks... yeah, I have some images in mind that could be shrunk and/or cropped. Don't know what program I should use, I guess. I don't really work with images often, and the standard Windows set doesn't seem capable of doing it.

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Well, theoretically you could use even MS Paint to make a *.gif for you, but it seems to have an annoying tendency to lose colours in process. On the other hand, InfranView should be appropriate for this task, from what I know (just opening the 50x50 image and saving it as GIF should do the work). If you don't have the 50x50 image yet, I think that it'll resize it quite nicely. ^^' Hope this helped.

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Thanks, I'd forgotten Paint could do that. Eheh. Paint's resize is a little rough, but it should manage... and I'm really not worried about the colors for a black and white symbol. I think this'll work. Hopefully, the fig will be gone by the time you read this! Yeah, I was just in no fit state to figure out a minor problem on my own just there. Happens sometimes.
Fenix Shakura

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Fenix Shakura 25 Germany PhlegmaticCholeric ISTJ 5w6 294C
If being GIF is the only condition not meeting, just change it to gif by changing its file extension to *.gif, you have to make the computer display the file extensions of known data types first, though.
This works for windows, but I'm not sure about other operating systems, since I never got in touch of them.