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Hello comrade.

This bio will consist of a brief description detailing many different topics, ranging from politics to religion to music. While I am extremely busy at the moment, I will try to update different parts of the bio to keep up with current events and to update it with new information.


Table of Contents:
1. Introduction - A summary of belief and the evolution of my philosophy
2. Politics
a. Socialism: Arguments and discussion about collectivist societies and the future of far-left politics
b. Capitalism: Shortcomings and failures inherent to the capitalist system
c. The role and size of government: statism, libertarianism or anarchy?
3. Philosophy
a. Religion and the dangers of faith-based reasoning
b. The importance of rationality
c. The value of science



"The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently."
-Friedrich Nietzsche

The modern world is facing a plethora of problems that are not being solved with our current system. Our forms of institutionalized democracy fail to create a system of government that can serve the needs of the people, and yet when faced with this fact, few understand the root of the problem. These problems are inherent to the capitalist system, in which problems are just moved around geographically. We see inequality on every level of societal organization. In most of the world, the gap between the rich and poor is growing, poor countries are still exploited by foreign nations and companies.

In my opinion, socialism seems to be the best solution to these problems.

The first step we need to take toward a truly just society is to empower the worker by giving the means of production and distribution to the workers. Excess profits should go to social welfare programs, but the workers should take home the majority of all profit. The rich should pay extremely high rates in taxes, the poor should pay little, and the government should eliminate all kinds of corporate welfare. Only by empowering the working class can society become more fair and better work for the benefit of all.

This is a good way to lead into the next section...


1. Why socialism?

First off, lets make sure everyone understands what socialism actually is. Sadly, socialism has been so maligned that few actually know what it means. Socialism is a social and economic system in which the workers own the means of production and distribution (i.e. factories, railroads, etc.), which means that the workers will be in control of their business.

This contrasts with capitalism, which utilizes private property to absentee ownership and the exploitation of workers to generate capital for the owning class (the Bourgeoisie, if you're using the traditional Marxist terms). This basic formula organically formed alongside the development of an industrial economy, but at this point capitalism has become outdated and incapable of solving the problems faced by mankind today.

The primary benefit of worker cooperatives is the shifting of motives from a profit driven model to a more consumer-centric model. Workplace democracy would be unlikely to produce the risky behavior seen in large corporations and as workers take home a larger share of profits, basic economics tells us that we will see substantive economic growth. Demand will organically increase and the removal of the profit motive will discourage current advertising practices and be conducive to an actual market system of informed consumers making rational decisions.
--To be updated at a later date--


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Why is it that you hate Minecraft? I know people that hate Minecraft simply because it's popular. Is that the case for you? If so, are you jealous?

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First off, I don't hate Minecraft because its popular. I hate Minecraft for two different reasons. The first is the game itself. I can't see why a buggy game made in Java has such a following. Minecraft freezes for no reason, lags like crazy, and gets horribly broken every time Notch bothers making an update.

And on the topic of updates, your exalted leader Notch has become amusingly lazy when it comes to new updates. Notch has tripled his vacation days over the last year, and all his updates turn Minecraft from a game with some fun value into a terrible, half-assed version of what it once was. Notch has changed all of Minecraft's core mechanics, and replaced fun things that WORKED with awkward, clumsy additions that make the game impossible to enjoy.

And if the game wasn't bad enough already, it aesthetically looks like something a 2nd grader would make. Everything about it reeks of unprofessionality and childishness, something I despise in video games.

Now, the second thing I despise about Minecraft is the community. What kind of person is drawn to a community of 12 year olds with massive hero worship? Almost everyone on the Minecraft forums treats Notch like some sort of God, and any criticism of him, OR THE GAME, results in activity like yours.

Then come the mods. Because the game is so bad to begin with, people feel the need to "improve" the game by adding useless content, like new tools or other useless stuff. Even the "best" of mods are terrible and horribly broken. The aether mod, which is ironically better than something Notch was planning on implementing, crashes your game if you sleep in a freaking bed. Totally worth all the effort.

So, no. There is no possible way I could be jealous of a game so terrible as Minecraft.

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Ben1005 18 United States CholericPhlegmatic INTP 216C
Well, first off, I've never had any of those things ever happen to me. Ever. In my entire life.

I don't really pay attention to anything Notch does with his personal life, and I really don't care. And why do you think these updates have make the game worse? He's just adding stuff to it that make it more... well fun.

Aesthetically, it's supposed to look RETRO. There's a clear difference between second grade art and pure retro classic.

The community? What about the community? People treat Notch like a god because he sort of created an entire world of about 16,000,000 registered users over the course of less than three years. Talk about spare time.

The mods? The mods just make the game BETTER! The game as it is is sort of... bland. Before the Adventure Update, there wasn't much of anything to do in Minecraft. But most of the good mods add some sort of objective to the game to make it more fulfilling.

And, as a final note, I just have to say, if you like playing games like Call of Duty, or Halo, where you just go around and shoot people, then Minecraft clearly isn't the game for you. Because Minecraft is made for people with CREATIVITY. Ever heard of that word? That's why there are so many people making mods. Minecraft is like a blank piece of paper to draw on, because it's so... basic. And that's where the creativity that you don't have comes in.

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Samwise 23 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic INFP 213C
I feel that you and Ben are both insulting one another; there shouldn't be any 'ad hominem' on Fighunter. Attack the argument, never the person.

As for the argument itself- there's no reason to be spiteful. It's a game. In my experience, I've never experienced a glitch while playing Minecraft. Personally, I feel that it's a wonderful product- it allows one to explore a uniquely generated world, and shape that world to your liking. It's an ambitious concept, executed near perfectly.

If that concept doesn't appeal to you, I give you every right to disagree, and dislike the game. But don't hate it- why hate a product that has brought joy and hours of creativity to hundreds of thousands of people? You don't have to 'worship' Notch; but blind spite isn't particularly constructive.