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About Me

۞ Well, hello my name is DBMZapskull (Dancing black mage Zapskull) I used to be in the old site but I'm here now, anyway this is my bio and it contains some stuff about me and some stuff that's not about me.

۞ I'm trying to be a good friend and I hope I can do the best and be a good pal not a super annoying jerk, I hope I do the best and I hope people will accept me as a good friend.

۞ GUYS who I RP with:

益 About me in the RP:

Well, I have too many characters so I'm gonna put them here:(Sadly, RP is no longer available because Pseudolonewolf made a rule against RPing. T_T)
First character:
Class: Young seer.
Race: Demigod
Gender: Male
Age: Apparently 6 years old
Likes: Drawing, Playing, Copying, Cute things, Cool things, Shiny stuff, Fairies, beautiful creatures, Nature, Sprites and Peace.
Dislikes: War, factories, technology, Monsters, Ugly things, Darkness, evil, sins, bad things, destruction, the evil in people's hearts.
Strong vs: Light, wind, earth and water.
Weapon: Staffs and paint brushes. (O_o)
Weak vs: Darkness, fire, negative status effects.
Special effect: can be revived if he died but with one HP left.
STR: 10
VIT: 15
SPR: 10
AGL: 15

Second character:
Name: Zeke
Class: Swordsman
Race: Half human, half Elf
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Likes: Sword, blades, shiny stuff, his little pixie Tina, holy, light, cleaning the world out of evil, EXP, awesome weapons, learning new skills, Dual techniques, strong techniques and the effective one as well, Lightning, the stars.
Dislikes: Darkness, his evil twin brother Katil, evil, seeing people suffer, tricks, lies, lecture, mutants, the evil inside the heart, failing, being tricked, losing, fleeing, coward monsters, zombies.
Strong vs: Light and lightning.
Weapon: Swords and Blades
Weak vs: Darkness, fire.
Special effect: can unleash a powerful attack when he gets low on HP. (Or when only 10% of his HP remains.)
STR: 17
VIT: 10
SPR: 15
AGL: 8
Appearance: Zeke is a white strong man who carries a large sharp blade with some marks on the side, he wears a white mage robe BUT AN open white mage robe without a cape. he have a long black hair and a little bit spiky. he wears a grey strong armor, he's 2m tall and weight 70Kg, he have a small pixie that helps him but a little bit coward and sometimes hotheaded, and have a star necklace who had it from his father and he never removes it... EVER and he have light blue eyes.

Third character:
Name: Katil
Class: Assasin
Race: Half human, half Elf
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Likes: Daggers, scythe , darkness, the evil inside the people's hearts, Back stabbing, killing, filling the world with evil, Gold, awesome weapons, learning new skills, Dual techniques, strong techniques and the effective one as well, Fire, the stars.
Dislikes: Light, his good twin brother Zeke, goodness, sparing, finding nothing, lies, lecture, mutants, the holy classes, failing, being tricked, losing, fleeing, coward monsters, nice things.
Strong vs: Darkness and fire.
Weapon: Daggers and scythes.
Weak vs: Holy and lightning.
Special effect: can hypnotize anything with his hidden mental power and can control the darkness inside the heart. (He can ONLY do that if has almost 50% of his HP.)
STR: 12
VIT: 11
SPR: 13
AGL: 14

۞Arabic Club:

Well, simply, this is a club I made to anyone who's interested on learning Arabic and mastering it, and who could be your teacher? Chuck Norris of course but that's not gonna happen, so I'm going to teach you The Arabic language (I didn't really had to explain that because it's too obvious.)

So far the members are:

DBMZapskull: The teacher with the shiny skull.

۞ Arabic Alphabet (From right to left, not from left to right.):

ا ب ت ث ج ح خ د ذ ر ز س ش ص ض ط ظ ع غ ف ق ك ل م ن ه و ي

Note: Unlike English, we start from right to left and we STICK the letters together. exaple:

كلب. (which means Dog in English and it's spelled like: Kalb): The letters of this word is ك ل ب and we write it like this: كلب not like this: ك ل ب

EOS (A short I created for End Of Story.)

Special thanks to ThatGuy for giving me this awesome symbol: ۞

That's all for today but soon THIS BIO WILL BE FULL,




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