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I'm considering going back into the chatroom, but I feel that it may be a bit odd to go in suddenly after being gone for a year. Hmm.

Below are the things I wrote a year or so ago:

  Spoiler for names people have for me:


"ヴ <- broken bowl
ォ <- Broken birdhouse
エ <- Overly broken fancy capital i
ッ <- Broken SMILEYFACE! =)
リ <- ij, Dutch rip-off, and broken
さ <- Abstract art, which is broken
ん<- Alright, this, this is fancy. Hohoho."

Roleplayer Ranking List!

Rank 1: LSCohen
Rank 2: !!  Data9795
Rank 3: Dreecal
Rank 4: Oddeye
Rank 5: darkninjaabc

(This list probably isn't up to date, and as I barely ever go on Fighunter any more, I probably don't deserve to be on it...Oh well.)

Pixel Pushers List!

megabdi: The Pixelated Spirit. (Our great founder. I also consider him leader.)
KnA: The Great Robo-Pixel-Knight. (The recruiter for our noble club! Also know as 'Regal Pixel Knight.')
ChikinNuggit: The Pixel Paladin. (Punishes any evil forces with the power of PIXELS.)
Prometheus: The Pixel Inquisitor. (Not sure what he does. Oh well.)
LiadyC: The High Priest of Pixels. (Holy Pixel Power forever!)
karavalenge: The Pixel Sage. (Knows everything about pixels.)
raventhefree: The Pixelated Bird of Freedom. (A pixellated bird that can fly pretty much anywhere!)
Eragon: The Pixelated Dragon Rider. (He rides on a pixellated dragon.)
Voltox: The Pixelated Pixel. (Is there even such thing?)
Oddeye: The Pixel Watcher. (Me! I know a lot of games that you probably don't, therefore know more pixellated sprites!)

(I probably don't belong on this list either due to my inactivity...D:)

Big tank:


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Hello, Oddeye! I just wanted to leave a comment, so the comment section seemed fitting.
Anywayy, I noticed your avatar. I.M Meen is awesome. I don't like the game itself, but it makes a great meme, and a good base for sentence mixing.
See my best I.M Meen sentence mix video: ∞ Here ∞
And my first one: ∞ Here ∞

I prefer the bloopers one, personally!

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Oddeye 19 United Kingdom PhlegmaticCholeric INFJ 32C
You actually like it? Thanks! I just found it on the Internet and resized it with Paint...

As for your videos, I actually want to make a few YTP's about Meen myself. I have all the cutscenes downloaded, but I'm not sure how to mix them...Could you help me with this? Thanks!

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Seeing as I've only made a couple, I'm not yet a "pro", but I can sure try! I was inspired by MrRoboto113.
Anyway, you need to choose a style. Random or structured? Whatever works for you, and compliments your ideas.
As for physically mixing them, you need a good video editor. I use Vegas Pro 9, but it doesn't come cheap. The best free editor is probably VideoPad. Reply if you have any more questions!

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Oddeye 19 United Kingdom PhlegmaticCholeric INFJ 32C
Hmm, it's not that...It's more of HOW to mix them. I got Sony Vegas for free somewhere, and maybe Vegas Pro 9 works like it? So yes, it's more of asking "How do you sentence mix?". I'm hoping to get a simpler explanation from you then the tutorials, seeing as you're only a year older than me... But thanks anyway!

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Happy to oblige.
I also got Vegas Pro 9 for free, although I'm not here to disclose that information, nor do I intend on it! But it should be the same engine and controls as your edition of Vegas.
I'm going to assume you don't know how to split the tracks and re-arrange them, physically?
To do that, just get the "play" line over the exact point you wish to split the video and sound track. Press S to split.
The "play" line is the one you may have seen on video tutorials, simply a line that goes vertically down over the tracks.
You can then re-arrange the tracks by dragging.

You may notice that the video tracks are, by default, welded to their corresponding audio tracks. just highlight the video/audio track and press U to separate them. By pressing the U key, this separates any groups. Like I said, the video/audio tracks are by default grouped.
You can use grouping (the G key), to make things a little more clear to yourself. Using these two functions are helpful, and you can video tracks with sound tracks that *do not* correspond to them. Otherwise, you'll see, as you mix many syllables into one word, many different sections of the original scene flashing past, looking very confusing!

Although that was not quite relevant, I thought you should know those functions.

Moving on, there is a trick you should know to make the character say words he would not usually say, such as "Oddeye"! You just have to search the whole original scene (this is the hard bit), and look for syllables, even very short, to make up the word. For example, you could find when I.M Meen pronounces "Oh" and in another point, *just* "D", for "Odd". Then repeat, to get the "Eye" section. Some words are much easier than others.

Remember that people are looking for quality as well as laughs, so make things look good, rather than scrappy, and as if you just threw a few bits together. With Vegas, you have a whole range of tools at your command to make the video look great, such as the text tool, which is good for titles. Don't hesitate to use the Media Generator or Video FX tools!

Finally, remember that the YouTube upload itself can take a while, so be patient!
I highly recommend trying to get a free version of Vegas *Pro*, as it offers a whole lot more: I'm not even sure half the things in this comment correlate to your version of Sony Vegas.

Remember to have fun along the way! Thanks!

Rate up for my first long comment ;)

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So... Yes. This is a Random Japanese Name Club sign-up registration thingy ma-jig. I would like to join, please. Oh yes! A name!

I am officially 元気いっぱいの 樹液の多い ばか者. That means Lively Sappy Fool. Each word is a separate translation of 'sappy', one of my nicknames. Sadly, no other ones would work.

Alternatively: が 元気いっぱいの 樹液の多い ばか者. This means That Lively Sappy Fool or The Lively Sappy Fool. Now... When I put that back into English, however, it comes up with 'Sappy idiot full of vitality'. Oh well. Looks as if I have many names. Yes. A man with many names! So, I am that and 多くの名前を持つ男. That means Man with Many Names. I like that.

So, choose one or another, all of them, none of them, or refuse me completely. Yes. You do that. Make me feel bad...

So yes. I would like to join please!

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Oddeye 19 United Kingdom PhlegmaticCholeric INFJ 32C
I wouldn't refuse-I'm trying to make this as popular as possible! I'll go with Lively Sappy Fool for now, but I'm kind of aiming to get the names in japanese-english. Such as how my name is Oo-Baka, that means...actually, KnA gave me that name, so I'm not sure. I do know that Baka means Idiot... But anyway! Could you try to find the english words of the Japanese for your name? Thanks!

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Oh sorry, the pronunciation.

元気いっぱいの = /genki ippai-no (with a hard g );
樹液の多い= jueki no ōi (sounds like gay-kee noi );
ばか者 = baka-sha.

So, altogether now: Genki Ippai-no Jueki No Ōi Baka-sha ! Hooray! I suppose I would just be Jueki No Ōi - which simply means Sappy. Oh well, put my long and short name in! Thanks for the invite.

P.S.: Your name, Oo-baka, is ウ ばか. Translated it means Stupid Sales. How amusing.

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KnA 21 Russia SanguinePhlegmatic INFP 17C
Actually, I vaguely remember Oo-baka meaning "big idiot". Also, it can easily turn into Obaka, meaning "Grandma"... So yeah. Just wanted to clear this up.

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You did what I thought at least one person would do, which is use the broken passwords situation to hack into accounts.
It doesn't matter whether you did anything with them or whether you were malicious or just playing around, it was still an unethical thing to do, and I'm giving you an infraction for it.