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Hi. I'm DreamGawd. If you want to call me something shorter, go with Dream instead of Gawd, or think of something clever. Actually no! Don't call me Dream because Dream is Dream. Call me Yume because that's prettier and more feminine. Gurl power! ~<3 lol... Seriously, though, Yume is okay.

Something important to know about me is that I have a bit of a split personality, and so one day I might be a total troll while the next, I might be way too emotionally exhausted to talk. I'm usually not easy to bother or upset, but when I get that way, it's not pretty.

I live on an island in the Caribbean called Aruba and it SUCKS. It's infested with bugs, it's as hot as hell, everything here is really low quality and overpriced, and I just feel isolated because nobody here shares my interests in things like anime or nerdy music. My friends are all in USAia and I originally come from Wiscaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaansin which is where I was born. As full of Republicans as Wiscaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaansin is, I'd still rather live there than here in Aruba. At least I don't have to be nude there in order to not overheat! I've always preferred the cold over the heat, anyway.

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My League of Legends username is Vadgina Bush.

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I eat bukkake every week then, but enough blabbing.


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You weigh four and a half tons?

...Wow. You really don't cut back on the cheese doodles, do you?
david s

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david s 25 United States MelancholicCholeric ISFJ 621 1193C
I'd like to see you try to contain the power of a gawd in a human body and weigh less than that. :P

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lazarony 30 United States CholericSanguine ESTJ 8w7 503C
Being serious, I strongly dislike conservatism and conservative values. Conservatives tend to have a tone of, "I'm better than you," or, "I got mine, so screw you." They dislike things that are strange to them, like LGBT or atheism. They think that because I was born with a certain sex organ, I'm destined to a specific limited fate that I shouldn't be allowed to escape no matter what. They think that I'm miserable because I chose my circumstances. They think that depression is an excuse to "get attention" and that ADHD is an excuse for being "mentally inferior." They enjoy victim blaming, as well.

I dislike generally sweeping statements which confine a large group of people to a small subset of experiences. I'm conservative, and acknowledge quite readily that there are specific chemical deficiencies in the brain that can cause depression or ADHD, and that neither is at all a sign of mental inferiority... :/

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DreamGawd 24 Aruba SanguineCholeric INFP 5w6 76C
I was referring to the ones I've met whom I would consider conservative (not necessarily the ones who consider themselves conservative). Most of them have said these things to me that have made me question why it is that humans are even social creatures, why it is that people are put in different circumstances, or why it is that I have to feel such excruciating pain sometimes when I know that most people will never reach such an extreme. Perhaps I should change that to "what I have seen of conservatism and conservative values."

Also, the idea of disliking LGBT rights and atheism just seems like those pick and choose things. It's like they're trying to say that their deity makes mistakes, even though according to Christianity and the other two major Abrahamic religions, God makes no mistakes. Maybe God would have wanted transsexuals to feel out of place so that they'd be willing to create some kind of change. I mean, it is quite possible that theoretically, all religions are correct in some way, though that's getting off topic, so I'll end it there unless you request to hear more.

I have to add that some of the people I've met at my high school who claimed to be in support of the Republican party recently agreed with some of my "Republicans are evil!" jokes, as they have been directly affected by the Scott Walker budget cuts on education. Those people were either children of music teachers or the music teachers themselves.

I do apologize if I have offended you. If you'd like to start a debate, though, I'd be willing to engage in one with you. I enjoy debating. It's actually probably the only competitive activity I engage in for the competitive aspect, as opposed to Solo and Ensemble, which I only did as an excuse to make friends and get involved in music (troll face goes here).

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lazarony 30 United States CholericSanguine ESTJ 8w7 503C
Fair enough, and kudos on the music experience, I've always been a huge advocate of involvement in music.

My stance on LGBT is generally unpopular: the desire one feels for a member of the same sex is the same as any other sinful desire (stealing for personal gain, murder in anger, lust for members oft he same sex, even). That being said, it's still sinful. As all sin leads to death in my belief system, it's no worse than any other sin, though. Some Christians tend to...lose focus, shall we say, and deem certain sins worse than others in terms of the punishment or in terms of the salvation God offered to those who commit specific types of sin.

You certainly haven't offended me, as that's hard to do, I just wanted to bring up the generalization you made, in case you'd prefer to rephrase it to better represent your ideology.

As far as the Republican party goes, while I usually end up voting that way and my own belief system inspires certain moral standards that I'd like to see upheld, I do not necessarily think that imposing these values on people through the government is the best way to go about it. In all honesty, there's not point in trying to live up to the standard God sets if you're doing it for the wrong reasons, so why enforce it that way? Obviously, some order has to be enforced, but I'd argue that both parties in the US bipartisan system agree on those basics (murder, rape, theft, general violence, destruction of property, etc).

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DreamGawd 24 Aruba SanguineCholeric INFP 5w6 76C
I can't say I agree with your point of view on LGBT, but I'll tell you this: if Christianity (or even the general Abrahamic beliefs) is the truth, I would not beg God to save me from hell. I would stand by my belief because I find no excuse to hurt someone for something that harms nobody. If he listens to me and still wants me to go to hell, I'll willingly do so.

Homosexuality in itself does not hurt anyone, at all. You're probably thinking of their sexual methods, which are inevitably sodomy. Not all of them do it without protection. Like you said, generalizations aren't good, so saying that all gays are STD distributors is a generalization. The fact that they are gay doesn't really harm anyone either. I mean, I've heard some people say that it hurts their parents who will never have grandchildren, but to that I say there's adoption, artificial insemination, and also that as loving parents, they should understand their children. I've heard some people say that it's because gays can't reproduce with each other, but to that I say that there's still artificial insemination and also that they can adopt other people's abandoned and unwanted children as well as there being sterile couples. I've heard some people say that being gay hurts them and is detrimental to oneself, and to that I say that it's not their homosexuality that hurts them, it's other people's ignorance and intolerance that hurts them as well as the fact that nobody chooses whom they love. I've heard that gay parents aren't as good as straight parents, which is totally not true. Under-aged gay people don't have or raise kids, and under-aged parents are a good cause of an increase in crime since they aren't mature enough to actually teach their kids the important things and they are usually in a position where they have to fend for themselves, not only that but the fact that they were irresponsible to have kids at such a young age is indicative of their character. Any statistics on gays making morally bankrupt parents is biased toward an Abrahamic religion and cannot be trusted, since not everyone views homosexuality and disregard for gender stereotypes and pressure to be wrong. If you still think gay parents are inept, ∞ YouTube ∞ is for you! I mean, the fact that a lot of them adopt is a reason for me to like them, because I hate the idea of people having kids and then abandoning them enough, and not only do gay people not do that, but they even help out the ones who were abandoned. Really, I support LGBT partly because I don't understand WHY they're issues, but also because they're beneficial to communities and they give me hope.

I'm sorry for that wall of text! I really am! I was just really eager to get this message over with because my dad was around! It's not out of the hatred of my heart or anything, and I in fact like you and I have respect and admiration for you despite out opposing view points because of the way you present your views.

Anyway, I dislike both the Republican party AND the Democratic party because there's hypocrisy in both of them. Republicans and their advocates are always preaching family values, yet so many of them demonstrate the exact opposite of what they preach. Democrats preach lack of bias toward corporations, yet they are also owned by corporations, as are the Republicans. I support the general view point of the Democratic party, as it is based on liberalism, but I HATE how they just totally only care about their views when it's convenient for them.

I am a liberal, though I'm borderline aggressive, in that I have a bias toward almost all of the liberal view points (I'm moderate on gun control, reverse racial discrimination, and the war on drugs. I'll expound if you ask me to.) but I still like to hear other people explain their view points, partly so that I can understand how the other view point works in order to counter it, and also because it'd be hypocritical of me to deny their point of view without even knowing what it is. I also like letting people have a voice and I loathe people who will cut me off when I try to explain my point of view, which is why I got sent to the hospital in fact.

Anyway, being of a certain religion doesn't mean you have to adhere to it perfectly and be obsessive about it. It just means you have to try your best to follow its rules without hurting other people. If I were Christian/Muslim/Jewish, and there's a good reason as to why I'm not, I would not hurt someone for being LGBT and I wouldn't do what it takes to keep them from having rights, but I would try not to have an emotional connection with those kinds of people because they might cause me to stray from my faith and I would not really try to indulge their LGBT-ness. While being LGBT is sinful in the three major Abrahamic religions, I know for a fact that intolerance is a sin according to Islam and I get the impression that Jesus frowned upon intolerance as well.
I remember speaking to a girl on the old site about why I'm in no way against the religious rights of Muslims but that I myself am no longer a Muslim because I disagree with the religion. She said that while homosexuality is a major sin in Islam, she herself has no problems with homosexuals. She was also talking about how unfairly the non-Jewish people in her community treat the Jews who live there, claiming them to be Zionists and stereotyping them, whereas she knew that they were neither bad people nor Zionists. I found her to be extremely open-minded, considerate, and intelligent, though her English wasn't perfect (it wasn't her first language).
I also have a cousin who's a Muslim (she's in her late 20's), yet she is a strong advocate for LGBT rights and even got into a fight with her older sister when we were all in Texas about how it's not right to impose one's values on others.

I find you to be open-minded, especially for a conservative. Not only that, but you're interesting and you give me good challenges and you use logic that isn't completely flawed (of course I do find it flawed, otherwise I wouldn't disagree with you). So kudos to you for being open!

Oh yeah, I appreciate your advocacy of music, but I'm curious as to what kind of music you listen to or whether or not you play any instruments. TELL ME!
You know, music is the one thing I can think of that can bring people together regardless of their points of view or diversities. Other than that, I would say an alien invasion might do the trick, too.

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lazarony 30 United States CholericSanguine ESTJ 8w7 503C
It was a very nice wall of text :P, and you presented some very valid points, the vast majority of which I agree with completely. I certainly don't have a single negative thought about LGBT parenting couples or their impacts on society and the community. On the contrary, in my experience, members of the LGBT community (mostly the "G", as it is with that group I've had the most contact) tend to be very outgoing and likeable people. While extreme flamboyancy tends to annoy me a bit, the same can be said for extreme flamboyancy in heterosexuals. All in all, I consider members of the LGBT community to be completely valid contributors to society.

However, as you stated later in the comment, homosexuality is a sin, and it is on that premise alone that I take issue with homosexuality. This certainly doesn't mean I hurt or even avoid members of the LGBT community (in fact, in my relative old age, New Years has become an evening during which one of my best friends from high school, a gay male, comes over and we watch as much of the Star Wars series as we can in one sitting), just that I don't personally support their sexuality.

For the most part, as you said, I'm fairly open-minded. However, on matters pertaining to my faith, I've done my research and reached a conclusion I feel and believe is absolutely and necessarily right. As such, most arguments/discussions/conversations with me on the subject are usually fairly uni-directional, and my position is nigh-unshakable. However, this does not mean that I think less of anyone for believing differently, especially given that the basis of my faith mandates that I did not choose it for myself (if you want more of an explanation on that, ask, and I'll elaborate...otherwise I'll just leave it at that). While I find stereotyping generally distasteful and largely ignorant in nature, it is important at times to consider the fact that stereotypes exist for a reason, and in some cases the reason is not just idle bigotry. I have my Jewish genetics to thank for my utterly terrible and unmanageable hair, for example, and my Mediterranean blood for the constantly-lubricated state of my nose (good thing I chose to live in a desert climate, as I am a greasy Italian :P).

And onto music: I play several instruments, having started when I was around 8-9 years of age on the flute, and progressing through trumpet, trombone, baritone, cello, french horn, euphonium, tuba (and sousaphone), percussion (timpani, snare, and marching quints), electric bass, and now acoustic/electric guitars and piano. Music has always been a large part of my life, and even though I have never been considered masterful at any one instrument, most come very naturally to me, and I like picking up new instruments as often as I can. As far as music I listen to goes, I'll always be a tremendous fan of orchestral music, particularly the Romantic period (Baroque feels too mechanical and Classical still lacks emotion), but I grew up listening to classic rock from the 80's, and certainly appreciate the majority of that era in music, the harder the better.