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For the people who don't know, Magi is my current account. Sorry if any inconvenience was caused.

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Magi is Magi's current account? Preposterous. >:[

What's next? Retarded Redneck will be revealed as β Mania's current account? Bah.

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Way to spoil the surprise, Ares, you meanie. ;-;

Or should I say, {INVALID USER}?!

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Well, I didn't expect this to happen. It appears to me that my life is starting to fall apart again - and I shouldn't be lurking on the website at this time.
Plus, these are the few hardest moments of my life here, and if I don't do anything to counteract this issue, problems will arise.
I hope everyone has a good Easter-- and a great future.
(NOTE: I would prefer it if this comment would not be rated - but I am not stopping you from doing so if you wish to rate this.)

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It's sad to see that you're going again and that this time, it might be for good. You were always a fun person to talk to and a great addition to FigHunter. I wish you all the best with whatever is happening and I hope you get through it and come out on top. We will definitely miss you.
Good luck!

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Voelus, if you are truly parting with the community, I feel it is necessary to give you a solemn farewell on behalf of the Fighunter community. I know I am not speaking solely for myself when I say that you are one of the single friendliest, funniest, most amiable people I've encountered on Fighunter, and in life. You spiced up the chat with your quirkiness and innuedos, and for those moments of happiness you awarded the Fighunting community, I will always be grateful. I speak from the bottom of my heart when I say that we will all sincerely miss you, and that when you were with us, it made us all very happy. You have grown to be one of my best friends here on Fighunter, and if you really feel that you have to leave, I will do nothing to question or stop you. But I just hope you know, as you leave, that you were sincerely loved by us chums here at Fighunter dot com. We'll miss you, Voley.


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rabidhura 19 Indonesia SanguineCholeric ENFJ 223 80C
I don't even think that you're leaving from this site for real.
You're a great and funny person, though sometimes taking things very seriously.
We'll miss you. I hope you'll find a way to solve your life problems.
Bye D:
The Wadge

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The Wadge 19 United Kingdom MelancholicPhlegmatic INFP 4w5 67C
Sorry if I'm a little late with this; I haven't found out until now.

So you're actually gone for good this time. I have to say a small, melty part of myself has faded out of existence because of this. Very well, I shall now speak about how amazingly amazing you were, for you deserve it. I actually feel a bit ill; seeing your name tarnished by a nasty exclamation mark. Couldn't it be something less troll-like? You were never a troll, mno.
Most of this has probably already been said, but I'd like to add my own personal touch. I am not exaggerating when I say that you are perhaps the friendliest, kindest and funniest person I've ever had the pleasure of encountering, anywhere. You were never arrogant, condescending, or rude, and you made the chatroom light up with your light-hearted joking-ness. Yes. You, in all honesty, were one of the few people I would actually call 'friend'; one of the few people I could tell anything to. While it pains me to say this, as I shall miss you sorely (and everyone shall, too), I think you made the right decision. Sorting out our life is far more important than frequenting this distracting little website, and I sincerely hope you manage to get through any troubles you face in life, and become successful, or something good like that.
I shall not forget you, and nor shall Fig Hunter. It was too short.

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Random Chap off the Internet,
The Wadge

P.S. You smashes meat pies into the face of Fig Hunters until they dies. Obviously. Listen not to Ninjas, for they lie. Sometimes.

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It seems that you, along with Oddeye, abused the broken passwords situation by hacking into other peoples' accounts. Whether or not you did anything malicious, this is not ethical behaviour, so it's worthy of a Hacking infraction.