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About Me

The new Member of Fig Hunter----Mardek1868

About me:
-Hello. My name is Valentin, my second name is Tihomirov, familly name Vasilev. Oh if you want to can skip the
-else. Im from Bulgaria. Bulgaria is in Europe. It's a very beatiful country. If someone lives in Bulgaria contact me.
-want. I was borned at 2002.06.03. I love to play RPG Games. I have to say im not that much good at wrtting about
-myself so please forgive me if everything I writted it's boring. I'm not English so if you don't
-understand what i writted please forgive me again for that. Oh and my favourite characters on Mardek are Mardek
-and Deugan and Rohoph.
-Why i joined the Fig Hunter Members:
-Because one of my friends showed to me Mardek 1,2,3. I loved this game when i saw it. He didn't knew about the
-Fig Hunter site. I played and finished Mardek 1,2,3. I can tell you all the story for Mardek Chapters.

-The Song i writted for the lovely girl i like, I hope you'll enjoy my song, oh it may be a little bit short.

-The Siryan Girl was fardess as Sun,
-and her kisses were warmer than spring,
-but the Siryan Blade was made
-of black steel and it's kiss was a terrible thing.
-The Siryan Girl was sing as she bath in a
-voice that was sweet as a Peach.
-Brothers, oh Brothers my day is at done,
-The Siryan taken my life, but what does
-it matter for all men must die and I liked the
-Siryan Girl.

-My favourite meals are:
-Chocolate Cake

-My Favourite Games:
-(From Biggest to Lowest)
-8.Alora Fane: Regression
-7.Raider 1
-5.Raider 2
-3.Mardek 1
-2.Mardek 2
-1.Mardek 3

-My wants in the life:
-I want to be the famous youtuber in the World like Pewdiepie.
-I want to be a The Best Cooker in the World.
-I want to see for a real our planet from the Space and .......

-Mardek Chapter 1-The Star Ship:
-Deugan's Father and Mardek's Father were Adventures which saved a princess from a Dragon.But something -happens
-and Deugan's Father dies and Mardek's Father dissapears. Then we saw Mardek and Deugan as kids. They was
-playing in a forest until they saw a Star falling close somewhere in the Forest. They were so interested. They found
-a Space Ship crashed, but there was a fat boy which don't allows them to see. They fighted the boy and win. The -boy
-cryed like a little baby and got away. Mardek and Deugan went in the Ship and there was someone who was not a
-human, it was Annuaki, and they didn't knew that. Mardek touched the body and something got into Mardek's -Body.
-Mardek started to speak some strange things. It was the Annuaki with the name Rohoph. Deugan got Mardek and
-went in the Goznor City and that was the End of Chapter 1 if my memory don't lies.
-Mardek Chapter 2-The Royal Knight of Goznor:
-Mardek and Deugan were a knights. One day Deugan wakes Mardek and he says it's the test day which the got a
-mission. Mardek wasn't so happy about it. They got out of their room and go to the others. There was Donovan,
-The King's Son which one knews, and Emela the Spellcaster, The Daughter of the Air Temple Priest-Sharla and the
-Bad Guy, i forgot his name. The Commander gaved them the mission and the place where they had to go.
-Mardek and Deugan got in the cave so slow.Anyways they splited up into teams, Sharla and Bad Guy, Donovan and -Emela, Deugan and Mardek. Mardek and Deugan saved some minors from the bandits. Then the saw the Bandit -Chief
-and hided behind rocks. They were listening what he was talking when the Bad Guy comes and attacks the Bandit
-Chief. Then they get in battle with the Chief. They win but the Bad Guy didn't stop hitting the Chief. Emela hitted the
-Bad Guy with ThunderBolt. He fells on the ground. He didn't move anymore. She killed him. She was blaming -herself.
-They said she did the right thing.
-They return in the Castle and report what happend in the cave. The said that the Bad Guy died in a Battle with the
-Bandits. The King wasn't so much suprised, he was like expecting this would happen. The King gives them a real
-mission to find and return the Shaman of Canonia.
-When they was next to Canonia they saw a lot of statues of people with strange faces, like they were stoned.
-There was a Girl with the name Elwyen. She was crying for her parents. She said that they were cursed by the -Lake.
-Hag which is in the Lake. They asked her is there any way to uncurse the people and her parents. She said if they -kill the Lake Hag, they might uncurse the people and her parents.
-They can't breath under water, but Emela had a spell which allows the to breath underwater.
-They went in the Lake.
-They searched the whole Lake and found the Monster. The battled the Monster and won.
-They went out of the Lake Hag. They still were a statues.
-She was crying, they asked her don't she have a friends in Canonia to ask them can she live with them.
-She answered that she have, and she was thankful to Mardek.
-Elwyend remembered his name.
-They went in Canonia and talked to the Guard in the House. He gaved the destination of the Shaman.
-They went in the woods and found a cave. They went in it and saw a soldier who was bleeding.
-They healed him and taked him with them because they had the same mission.
-The World's Saviours met the soldiers. The leader of the team was Bartholio. He called him a HERO.
-Mardek asked him what he saved. Bartholio got nerved and started a battle with them.
-Mardek's Team won hardly, the Saviours were sad because the lose the battle and got away.
-Mardek continues and find the Shaman. She was a zombie, a Annuaki gaved her dark powers, that was
-Rohoph's Friend Moric.
-They battled her and killed her.
-Rohoph found out who can give dark powers. His old friend Moric.
-They went in Goznor. it was full of Undead.
-They went in the Yalortian Church. There was Mardek's Friend which was a priest. He gaved him a key to a
-Dungeon called Catacombs.
-They went in and Rohoph says Moric likes this kind of places with Monsters of Dark Elements and ..........
-They went so deep in the dungeon and found Moric. They killed him.
-The thinked it was over. Deugan and Mardek and Emela and the soldier went in the King's Castle and reported.
-The King called them a Heroes. Mardek and Deugan went for sleep.
-In the morning everyone was around Mardek's Bed and waked him up. They said that Moric is back and attacks
-They went in Canonia and helped the Saviours fight the Undead. They got in the Shaman's Cave.
-They asked the new Shaman can he teleports them on the Moric's Battle Ship.
-He said he can but they have to prepare themselves. They said there were ready and they was teleported on the
-on the ship. They fighed the Droma Robots, then they had a hard fight with the Dracelon, a big dragon robot
-machine. They found Moric. He was in the body of Social Fox. Social Fox was Mardek and Deugan's Hero.
-They killed Social Fox and eleminated Moric. He activated the autodestroy system. Deugan had to hold it until
-Mardek and the rest get in the Escape Pod. Deugan stayed in the command station, he said to them RUUUNNNNN!!!!
-Mardek and the rest got in the Escape Pod. They flyed out and the ship exploded.
-Mardek didn't believed this was real. He felt so bad. He couldn't breath. They went in the Castle and reported.
-The King felt too very bad about Deugan. He maked Mardek to be the King's Guard. The King did this with
-the purpose to make Mardek happier but that didn't make him happier.
-This is the End of Chapter 2 if the memory don't lies me again.
-Mardek Chapter 3 Keystone:
-They had a mission in the Sun Temple. Their mission was to eleminate the monsters which causes problems and
-to save 4 priests. Mardek was with Sharla and Donovan. They asked everyone in the Temple about the monsters.
-They went deep in the Temple to solve the problem. They found the 4 priests and returned them to the safe level.
-They saw a somekind of a warport thing. They put on in it the Warding Stone which the Hight Priest gaved 'em.
-It worked, the warding stone fitted corectly. They continued the mission. They met some reptoids soldiers, one of -them ran scared the other fighed Mardek and the others alone. The reptoid died bravely. They continued and they -were attacked by 2 Reptoids soldiers and Ssln'ck their chief. This time Mardek didn't killed them, he let them live.
-Ssln'ck ran away. They followed him in a cave and found a Reptoid City under the Temple. They searched every
-house in the city and found the Chief''s House and in the house was Ssln'ck and the First Chief. The First Chief
-ordered Ssln'ck to travel with them and to fight next to them.

-Oh, yes one more thing, I have to say that sometimes boredom kills me cuz there is no one of my friends online.

Well that's all about Me
I hope you enjoyed my Text-About Me

Writted by:Valentin Tihomirov Vasilver

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Hello to everyone! My name is Valentin, im from Bulgaria and im 13 years old. I joined the Fig Hunter's Members because i love so much the Mardek games. I finished Mardek 2 and Mardek 3 and now im waiting for Mardek 4, and please stop saying to the Maker of Mardek to make some new things, because it will take more time!!! Im sure all of you are waiting for Mardek 4. Im sorry if you don't like my color scheme because it's white, but i chosed it white because Mardek's Element is Light. The Light Element is White.
Attention Everyone: If you don't understand me what i writted,
im sorry because im still learning English... i hope you are not mad at me!!!