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Hmm, lets see......

NOTE: You probably wont see me logged in alot but i check once a week, logging in depresses me for some reason...

--------Trivial Stuff--------

Well, in the basics of everything, i am an American, born in California and lived the 13 or so years of my life, i reside currently in Utah, and am LDS or Mormon. I am 6 ft ~120 lbs as of 3 months ago. my favorite color is green and i very much enjoy Eggnog, i wanted 2 gallons of it for X-mas , i didn't get it....

And now with that useless text stuff done, we can talk about more exciting things! which are likely to be actually sort of boring... but if your reading this your are obviously very bored anyway! Well, as for a few interesting things about me, I have ADD, which is so much fun to have =) i was called here through Mardek RPG and my favorite number is 42, while my lucky number is 21. yes i have a lucky number and a favorite number, im just fun like that! Right at this moment i am wearing my flannel pajama pants and are typing on my laptop this bio! I enjoy reading to very great degree, my favorite authors are Brandon Sanderson who i found through his amazing Mistborn trilogy (they just came out with a new mistborn book too :D) and Orson Scott Card who i found through Ender's Game, which is Currently my Favorite Book. Maybe ill post a list of books i enjoy or something later, i am also a gameing person who plays many much games on the Wii and N64, along with a blizzard fan who plays many much Starcraft (2) and Warcraft III, though i dont play WoW, thats for more serious nerds then me...

-------------Myers-Briggs Type Indicator-------------

Im Really not sure if this is even correct, but the first Quiz says im INFP, ill probably average this all together later or something, but what it says is

The Second Quiz was long, ill see about it later

The Third Quiz says im more INFJ, so i seem too be more of a INF_ type of person

Introvert 22% Intuitive 25% Intuitive Feeling 50% Perceiving 39% ------- INFP

not yet taken

1st column ~40% -/- 2nd column ~15% -/- 3rd column ~45% -/- 4th column ~5% -----INFJ

--------About My Username--------

Ive always got alot of stupid remarks made by stupid people about how i spelled it wrong, so here's how it got started!

i remember when i was 7 i was signing up for some obscure website and i needed a username, i was fascinated with dragons at the time (and still are to a point) and decided on the username Theblacksundragon, that was however Very long, and so after a year of that the name was shortened to the point where the "The" was no longer in the username. i then reached the age of 9, when i thought of riding one, instead of actually being one. so my username quickly switch from blacksundragon, to dragonrider, which i never actually used, it was already taken from Runescape (the online thing i was trying to sign up at the time) so i tried for something that spelled weird, i came up with the options Drayginrider DragenFlyer and Dragentmer. (which i still occasionally use for 2nd accounts on things) and lastly, Dragenrder. which stuck ever since.

Im one of those people who are Quiet until you get to know them!!! YES!! which is why it says im quiet shy (wait till you see me talk to a girl i have a crush on :d) while still being funny and talkative!!

--------My Element--------

Im very Air-ish i think...

i do want to fly around at high speeds but i dont like thunder... (or the loud noise that comes with it) Also like air im Everwhere! at once! m(or at least that's how people percieve me) people find me unnoticeable and easy to disregard, even though i make them laugh alot, i also have a very random personality....

yes that's what i think about myself...

--------The ~10 Commandments of Lestnor-ness--------

-Thou shalt not be depressing in the presence of the almighty [No Orb] Lestnor .

-Thou shalt excersise humility in one's actions, statements, and thoughts.

-Thou shalt be polite and civil when interacting with other people.

-Thou shalt accept that there is always another point of view, and that you have the capacity to be wrong.

-Thou shalt never, never, never go into an intellectual discussion with the intent to prove a point - instead, you should be concerned with discovering whatever the truth may be, with the help of those you are discussing with.

-Thou shalt not be ambiguous in your statements, as miscommunication is the root of many arguments. To this end, proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation are extremely helpful.

-Speaking of arguments, thou shalt not continue an argument past the point of useful purpose - especially the silly kind of argument that is caused solely by a miscommunication.

-Thou shalt always be respectful to [Azure] A Pseudolonewolf , as he is a very nice person to invite all us random and sometimes extremely silly internet people into his internet house.

-Thou shalt always count correctly, and denote values as approximate when applicable.


Ill add some more stuff later maybe...


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"Dragenrder needs simply to look at the rules for the FLIGS system, and to use it correctly. Further abuse of it will result in being hated by other members. "
-Anonymous Blurb

- First of all, i would appreciate if you would tell me what i did/doing wrong, hating on me isnt going to fix whatever im doing.
- Second of all, i review things as i see them, if i dont like it i mark it as such, i can find every thing good, and then put not agree with the statement, my performance rate is about 60/40, which is about the same as Psuedowolf's
- And Third, Just dont spam me with hate blurbs, try to help me grow at least. I respect your opinion, but i am not going to change what i am doing because i dont know what you dislike about me!!! -_-"

At least TRY to accomplish something, thank you for your time...

Best wishes to you dear Anonymous Blurber (is that right?)
- - - - Dragenrder - - - -

- Feel free to post your opinions on this, i hope i dont sound like im angry at this person... (well.... maybe a little :d)