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-posted 7.2.2012-

I was born in Prague, the capital of Czech republic, where have I spent most of my life so far. I study at secondary school with absolutely no idea about my future occupation.

I am very introverted person. I don't talk very much and I prefer to be alone. I have no very good friend. And I am shy a lot. Sometimes I find problematic to talk to people. Due to this and more, I feel to be quite outsider, but I really don't care. I don't want to say society means nothing for me, but it isn't much important to me. Although I don't talk to other people very much, I like helping somehow. When somebody (honestly, it happens rarely) asks me for help, I am usually positive.


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Anhelm 21 Czech Republic MelancholicPhlegmatic INFJ 451 86C
Just if somebody strayed here, I am trying to do some writing (I have almost nothing ready, but I swear I will do more.) ∞ LINK ∞ Do not look by now (22.2.2012 - what a magical-like date!), since there is just a one and half page having elaborate. Also I will translate my pieces from Czech (if you are confused, and you probably are, this is just a way how to force myself to do more. No announcement actually.

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Huzzah! I'm the first person to comment here! I'm totally out to spread my cyan wonder in every profile or something! (Man, I like saying "huzzah" xD)

Anyway! I just want to mention that I've seen your uhh... invitation? That's what you call those things, right? I mean it exactly one of those things where you have to sign or put a stamp or a fingerprint on! Oh and uhh... It isn't that I don't like you or anything!... Then again I don't exactly like you either! I'd just like to consider your "invitation" first, but only because I don't know you and I haven't talked to you yet! If I have, I can't remember it! I know, I know, my memory is awful. >_<

I'd just like it if you uhh... introduce yourself for me? But uhhh... of course you might not know what to say!...
I've already read your bio... and it's quite extensive! It's just... it only told me some things! I think I'd like talking to you directly, and getting to know you myself before I accept your invitation.

I have this tendency to ask a lot of questions, so be prepared! You'll feel like it's a pop quiz or something! I'll ask really hard questions like "What do you think of neon colors?", "Would you want to have an extra bone anywhere?", "Why did the chicken cross the road?", or the hardest of all, "Did you ever like Britney Spears or any of her songs?". See how little I know about you? I'm practically a stranger, and you should say no to me because that's what you do to strangers and stuff!

Anywho! Hi hi~! ^-^

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Anhelm 21 Czech Republic MelancholicPhlegmatic INFJ 451 86C
Hey, thanks for your interest.

I hope my sudden invitation didn't confuse you or something. You see, this has been, as long as my memory reaches, first time in my life I am trying to make some sort of friendship. I will improve, I promise. Introducing me, eh... I am a lone student spending most of my time at home, I am no type of social king, I am trying to do well at school (if I can be so daring, I think I manage to do so.) I think I could describe myself as open-minded. When many others say: "This is weird!" I just say: "This is different (or even rather interesting)" I am a bit biased, maybe paranoid, against present mainstreams and I always try to be unique.

I am not sure I understand meaning of "neon colours." If you meant neon lights (only thing coming to my mind), I just LOVE them. I see them just as pure art. I am content with my current number of bones. I would maybe appreciate longer tail. You know, balance and so on... I have never seen a chicken crossing road. I see it useless. The chicken could FLY over instead, couldn't it? I have never heard anything from Britney Spears. As I tried to explain in my bio (I wonder, why they call it so. Bio should contain our life's story etc.), my music interests are VERY specific and an artist has to cover a long way to became part of my life.

Some other things about me, you could find interesting:
* I think, that every man should have long hair.
* I don't like most of American culture (except Woody Allen, Cindy Lauper, Edgar Allan Poe, John Steinbeck and some others)
* I am faithful, however, I am not member of any specific religion.
* I think, that if every politician were philosopher, there would be no injustice (I do not say war.)
* I think, that human babies aren't cute.
* And I love the classic Spanish guitars, but I hate the electric ones.

And of course, as you could notice, I enjoy creating an eminent language. I am so called book-worm, my favourite authors are Agatha Christie, Caroline Graham (author of Midsomer Murders, if you know), Douglas Adams, Sue Townsend, Karl Wagner (I do not make illusions you could know him) and many others, whose name I cannot call back by now. I could say my interests are unknown to mainstream and mainstream is unknown to me (I like this sentence. It looks like a quote.) My music interests are already explained in my bio.

As I started, I have no TRUE friend (I do not mean not-imaginary.) I wanted to say, all people I know are rather acquaintances (attempts to spell this word correctly are killing me) than friends. I am no cheerful chatterbox, but I am able to listen to people and sympathize with them and I have already made some supports. And I try to be nice to everyone.

Well, I have ran out of words, if you like thoughts. If there would be ANYTHING you would like to ask me, feel as free as a bird.