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I have to write ANOTHER bio? Oh, woe is me!!

Actually, I'm pretty happy that I get to do a whole new one. I know that I could easily just copy-paste everything from my old account, but where's the fun in that? And, besides, I had written my old one two years ago, and though I changed up a few things as time went by, it was still just an old, chunky mess of boring details in my life.

So now, I get to start from scratch and talk about all the NEW boring details in my life! Hurray! And even though I'm still really young, and I'm sure that most people would say that I haven't seen enough in life to have grown and matured all that much, two years is still two years, and lots of things change, especially around this age when things are really expected to be different.

Hmm, where do I begin? I'll just start by talking about my background (See, boring details!). I'm a fifteen year old girl born in Brooklyn, New York, though I moved to some stupid, redneck, Floridian town when I was seven. And you may think that I was too young and it was too long ago for me to remember everything and know what I left behind, but trust me, I know very well. I can't say that I "hate" it here, because that's too strong of a word, and my life isn't completely miserable, so I won't get melodramatic over all that.

However, I can say that I really just don't like it here. There are nasty cows all over the place, and there's grass EVERYWHERE. When I first moved here (I'd rather not say exactly where, because of rapists, or something stupid like that that my paranoia builds up in my head), the first thing I noticed was the grass. Coming from my area of Brooklyn, the only place I was used to seeing grass was at parks, and rich people's backyards. It's been almost seven years, and I'm still not used to it. And don't even get me started on the rednecks around here!

Seriously, don't get me started, because I'll probably get really racist-sounding, and I don't want to offend anybody.

Next: Appearance! I'm half black, half Asian, so I have this "really nice tan" that I pride myself on. My hair, unfortunately, is not as nice. All of my colored friends love it, but all of my white/Asian friends say that I definitely need some work on it. So it really depends on who you ask, I suppose. I have brown eyes, of course, but something rather unique about them is that they are extremely dark. I would think that they were black until I come about six inches away from my face and look closely. Hopefully it doesn't mean that I'm destined to be some kind of devil child, but who knows?

Speaking of devil child, I converted (or re-converted, I could say) to Christianity not too long ago. But don't worry, I'm not the kind of person who tries to shove my religion down everyone's throat. In fact, I probably won't ever talk about it at all, unless there's a poll on it or something.

Oh, and one thing that I love so much that it's just as important as how I look is my writing. I LOVE to write. Just about anything, really. I'm currently writing a book, and I've also recently completed writing a full song. I'm not sure what to do next, now that I have it under my belt, but when the opportunity arises, I'll seize it. I can't sing to save my life, though, so I'd imagine that being another problem.

Jeez, life sucks, doesn't it?


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newstomper 21 United States MelancholicCholeric INTJ 514 421C
Hello twin! As, according to the Members page, you are my only twin here (that is, we share temperaments, enneagrams, and MBTI).

Brooklyn, huh? My grandma grew up in Brooklyn, before she moved here with my grandpa and my uncle. Is it really as magical of a place as I here, with a pizza parlor on every street? If so, I really must go sometime. Curse the Midwest and its general lack of amazing pizza!

Anyways, you seem like a rather swell--YOU DISLIKE GUYS WITH LONG HAIR. Why ;-;. It makes a friend of mine look like Jesus. Also, it keeps my neck warm.