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'Drake' Figgian has been quite content lately. He has complained about the inactivity of the forum lately. He has talked with a friend lately. He has admired a legendary poem by 'Dupin' Figgian recently. He has had a heated argument with 'idea bulb' Figgian recently.
He is a devout worshipper of The Almighty Nothing.
He is a citizen of The All-Encompassing Interwebz. He is a member of the Reasonably Active Fighunter Populace.
He is 14 years old, born on the 10th of Granite in the year 1998.
'Drake' Figgian likes roleplaying, reading, broccoli, Dwarf Fortress, debating, Minecraft, League of Legends, carrots, gaming, programming, and writing. He hates bible-pushers, conspiracy theorists, animals, humidity, god-modders, Mary Sues, America, arrogance, Maple Story, idiots, and metaphorical leeches. When possible, he prefers to consume pasta and lemonade.
He is quite intelligent. He can be very pretentious, and often pretends he knows things. He is reasonably amiable. He can be very whimsical and frivolous. He is dissatisfied with himself. He attempts unsuccessfully to avert most disputes. He needs time to think to get through the working day. He likes being alone and grumbles only mildly at prolonged solitude.
An abstract creature fond of comedy and arguments.


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Rest in peace.