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I'm guessing that at this point it's a formality more than anything else, but for what it's worth I'll say it anyways. I'm leaving FH. I've essentially stopped actively posting months ago, so it only makes sense to inform those who care about my departure.

My reason for leaving?
  Spoiler for Reasons:

That said, I don't think I have anything more I need to address. My skype will remain on my bio. Just make sure you mention your FH account name when you send an invitation. I'd probably be wise to say this now: I'll only accept requests from those who've earned my respect in one way or another. Those who did most likely know it.

But, just in case I'll be checking back regularly for the next week or so. If there's something you wish to talk about I'd rather you PM me. It's unlikely that I'll respond to public comments.

Admittedly, there are two people I regret not having made friends with. But, looking back at it, I guess it wouldn't happen anyways. I'm guessing it's a matter of the past now.

I hope I've offended nobody - and sincerely apologize to those I did. I'll try to retain the best of my memories about the place and the people here. Perhaps somewhere, somewhen we'll meet again. Until then, farewell and good luck.

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It's sad to see you go, but if you really don't want to stay I can't do anything to stop you. It's just a shame that another nice and useful member leaves the site...

But I've enjoyed the few conversations we did have and after all this mess with my laptop is over I'll be sure to add you on Skype.
So farewell from this website and (hopefully) see you later.
Perturbed Crow

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I am curious as to why you dislike democracy and like monarchy. That is a rather uncommon stance. If it's not too much to ask, could you tell me your reasoning?
Random person

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I do suppose I should explain myself.

You see, I tend to be very critical and objective when it comes to politics. From what I know, it's not at all uncommon that democratic governments show little to no concern about the demands of the people, including their opinion on who should be in charge. Where I live, our "democratic" government is essentially controlled by 1 party. It would have been a tyranny, if only the leaders of the party were any smarter then my boots. The corruption is bizarre still. Plus discrimination.

The rest of Europe is more democratic, but it seems to be in even more turmoil. France and Germany are struggling to cut the flow of Muslim immigrants who deliberately refuse to work. Italy, Greece, Portugal and many others are on the verge of crisis, yet they cannot take the necessary measures to save their economies due to resistance from the publicity. These are not the worst cases however.

In USA, democracy is a pure illusion. I can't even understand how it's maintained. All the politicians are nothing more then marionettes in the hands of special forces. At times, it becomes so obvious that it's just beyond my comprehension. And in Russia... Well, there isn't even an illusion. Just Vladimir Putin and his pawns. What this man wants, he gets, no matter what. Which is a good thing, as fully democratic Russia would only exist for a few weeks before everything would collapse.

So, yes. Either the rulers are idiots, the whole power is in one party's hands, or there is no democracy at all. Oh, and freedom of speech is as real as Santa Claus. If you start saying something the government really doesn't like, they'll make sure you shut up for good. It works this way just about everywhere.

As for monarchy, every great empire in history was led by 1 man. Nowadays, Norway is arguably the most comfortable country to live in. And it's a monarchy. Things are going relatively well in Denmark and England as well. Well, not quite as good in England, but this is because the queen doesn't have any real power. Otherwise they'd be considerably more successful, I'm sure.

That about covers it. I should probably put this in my bio sometime. If you are concerned about any other matters of the sort, you are welcome to ask.
Perturbed Crow

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Hm. Thank you for your explanation.

In USA, democracy is a pure illusion. I can't even understand how it's maintained. All the politicians are nothing more then marionettes in the hands of special forces. At times, it becomes so obvious that it's just beyond my comprehension.

So very true. :/ The Democrats say they're liberal, but they really aren't. However, because the Republicans are so extreme, they know they can do whatever they want -- as long as they're slightly less conservative than the Republicans, they know liberals will have no choice but to vote for them. Ugh.

I must say that I am a bit perplexed by your reasoning, however. Though I agree that many democratic governments are not as good as they claim to be (especially in the US, ugh), I see what you describe as more people abusing the system rather than something inherently wrong with the system itself. Ideally, democracy isn't supposed to be dominated by one party, people are supposed to make the choice. The fact that one party dominates and controls everything shows that they are deliberately controlling and manipulating the system. To me, it seems more like democracy deserves to be re-examined and tweaked to safeguard against things like that, rather than be scrapped entirely.

As for monarchy, every great empire in history was led by 1 man.

What about the British Empire? It's true that the sovereigns still had major power back then, but Parliament was a major player as well.

Also... That may be so, but were the people of those empires really happy? The Napoleonic Wars, for example, were a time of military dominance for France, but back home things started to break down. The major catalysts for the revolution still hadn't been addressed. Even with Napoleon's leadership, people were still poor, hungry, and oppressed. People are naturally selfish, and power corrupts -- if there's no check to that power, then oftentimes, absolute rulers will only do what benefits them, with no consideration for the people. Though it's true that there have been good monarchs throughout history, the people have no control over that. What if they change in 10 years? 20? What if the next monarch just undoes all the previous reforms (something that happened often during the Enlightenment, actually)? There are too many uncertainties, and power is too imbalanced...

But now I'm basically just channeling John Locke, who it seems you don't agree with. From your support of monarchy, I assume you agree more with Hobbes?

(Democracy isn't perfect either, of course. I agree with Mr. Churchill's "Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others that have been tried" quote. Perhaps in the future a new form of government will be created?)