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Do you ever feel like you were sleeping during every second of your life?

Unplugged from reality, stuck in my own selfish box, I tried to figure it out but it seemed so harsh.
Opened heavy eyes, still sleepy, drowsed, stretching my legs, my arms,
Holding in my spirit a body which I can't deny.
Why the other's don't feel this way?
I'm struggling in a mind orgasm relieving that pain.
The pain of why, the pain of who, I shouldn't care, I should't worry I should bang, yes bang, yes.
Bang all the chicks on my neighborhood, yes, bang the committed, married and widowed.
This seems the logic of mankind, getting rid of clothing, neighing like a stud, moaning, dirty minded hot girls and boys.
Scratched backs, love marks on my chest, is this intense enough or do I want a break?

Why my own self don't feel this way?
I'm writing, drawing, trying get my own sh$#t straight. I deny myself pleasure, this is not what I meant
To be.
I want something more, I want to last, to burn, to spark
Yeah I want my shine to last, not live in vain, am I so selfish for wanting a little acclaim?
I wonder at all what I could have achieved, stand up and fighting instead of being a frightened kid.
Dumb mammals, drenched in sweat, are you done yet? Satisfied yet?
I envy your many artificial happiness, ideas of love, drugs and everything set, it's okay.
Let's study hard, work hard earn our paper, spend it on motels, cigars, scotch and cars.
That's the pleasure you are capable to buy.
This is a jail man, why did you wake me up?
I was fine until now, daydreaming and numb.

Why should I feel this way?
Why should I feel this way?
Why should I feel this way?

Can't hear you answering me, let me sleep back.
Fine comfort, unwary of all this crap, inelegant pricks get all the share.
I don't want to fight, I don't want justice, I just wish your people wouldn't exist.
Now it's too late, now, seven billion virus cells making beautiful become dead
Growing desperately, faster each day,
More hunger, more savage, brutal and bane
Why don't you simply go away?
Damn monkey with your tools and stuff,
'Oh look at me I cured cancer'
'Oh look at me I want to save the environment'
'Sustainability, love, peace, tolerance, justice and elegance'

Do you really believe this crap?
Do you really think there's hope?
Look at the close future, people killing each other for rotten meat
A bucket of water, of the golden paradise planet
Mentally diseased beasts breeding everyday
Stop this now, let's all become sterile,
Find a reason to clean this world from the unworthy
Why not be mean? Why not be violent?
What makes me feel this way is what makes you feel drowned
Drowned in an ocean of whys, trying to find an answer when there is none

That's okay, cause you are a monkey, it's in your nature trying to find a reason,
But science is nothing but patterns made for you to chew, and you chew, accept the facts
And your nature
This is absurd!! We ought to protect our kind!
Your kind is a virus, listen critically to the Brothers,

The only way out is war, suffering and slaughter,
Get ready, friend, dark times are coming,
These days will be here soon and what are you doing?
Will you be a warrior or a victim, the choice is yours.

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