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About Me

(Note: Forgive me if I am quite reserved with adding people as friends - If I don't add you, it doesn't mean that I don't like you. I prefer having a smaller friend list with people that I am actively interested in seeing in the chat and with whom I have talked with more than just a couple of sentences. I am sorry for any inconvenience - I don't mind if you remove me from your list because I haven't added you.)

I am Corelis, and I came from there.

I've been here quite a while. I used to be ∞ member #724 ∞ in the archive site, as I'm writing this, I've been a member for over 5 years. This place has changed quite a bit during those years. I suppose I have, too?

This section is supposed to be "About Me", but with all the personality categories one can use and the Ten Words, a section for religious beliefs, political ideologies and dream jobs, not to mention Interests, what can I write in here that wouldn't just reflect what those other sections can already tell you? I suppose none of those things give a feel of the person listing them, so that's what this section is for. Perhaps the way I tell about myself is more important than what I tell about myself?

Or I could elaborate on things that aren't covered in those helpful sections. Such as my past, perhaps. There isn't that much to tell about it, though. I enjoyed school, and I did well in there. I'd say high school was the best period of my life so far. I wasn't exactly a social butterfly, but I wasn't an outcast either - I got along with people well. The studying itself interested me in addition to spending time with friends - during the second year of high school, there were so many courses I was interested in that I couldn't fit them all in my timetables, so I couldn't study everything I wanted to.

After high school I spent eight and half months in the military. Finland has conscription, and while I could have chosen civil service or prison instead of military service, I thought military service would be of most use to me and would take the least time. It was... an experience. I think I grew as a person there, and I'd say that in the end, it was worth it. Though it is always easy to say that in retrospect, after all the suffering is behind you.

And now I am in an university. I'll see how things will go.

I suppose I could share more things about my past that I consider important, but I don't really feel like doing it. My apologies if you were interested. I have a tendency to keep things to myself, to the point of it being a flaw of mine. Oh well, I suppose those things would only really be of significance to me, anyway.

Everyone has a wealth of past experiences at the back of their minds, a result of several years' worth of life. Sometimes it is intersting to just take a step back and try to remember something you've forgotten for now. What you find might surprise you.

What other hopefully interesting facts are there to share about myself? I suppose I have a bit of a competetive streak, as long as the competing is strictly friendly and for fun. The moment the reason to win becomes anything other than "because it is the objective of the game", it isn't enjoyable anymore. And I suppose I might prefer indirect competitions, anyway, where one isn't in direct conflict with someone else. I like scoreboards for this reason - one doesn't need to play directly against someone in order to have a playful competition. Though a direct clash of skills can be fun, too.

I suppose I'm a bit of a challenge gamer, too. I generally like difficult games, such as Dark Souls, which I enjoyed quite a lot indeed. I also admire mastery over things - I like watching videos of people demonstrating amazing skill in various things, such as video games.

I switch colours. I used to be deep green for about three years, until I found out that changing one's colour every now and then is quite refreshing, despite being initially doubtful about it. Why don't you try it some time?

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Fighunter timeline:
∞ Age of Beginnings ∞ - ∞ LINK ∞
∞ Age of Bubbles ∞ - ∞ LINK ∞
∞ Age of Sunlight ∞ - I've been too lazy to take pictures.
∞ Age of Unlight ∞ - Current
Also, do take a look at the ∞ Museum ∞.

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Waait, where is my Random.org score thingy? The one with so subtle change? ;-;

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I'm afraid it is lost forever for one reason or another.

I apparently revised my bio a bit during some cloudy day of weeks past, and axed that portion due to reasons unknown.

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Ooh, I can see that you have green colour scheme now. Does it mean that you use camouflage right now? :o

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It most certainly does! We wear camouflage gear most of the time in the army, and the military has a weird way of seeping into your life if you're not careful. When I got back to my holiday, I reflexively put my civil clothes on the military style (that is, shirt in the pants and the strings hidden) before realizing that I'm on a holiday, I can wear my clothes however I want. And then took great pleasure in changing to a more casual style.

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Hey Corelis, I haven't seen you in a while. How have you been?

Side note, weren't you a moderator at one point? What happened to that?

Just curious.

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I've been... mostly alright. You see, I've been attending military service for the past two weeks. That is also the main reason why I'm not a moderator anymore. I could hardly perform any duties effectively if I can only visit during weekends, and I have lots of other stuff in dire need of doing during those precious days of freedom too.

...now this was surprisingly brief. I'm usually more wordy.

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This has perplexed me to no end...
How can you use a computer, play chess, kill a planet of ninjas, bend probability, watch MLP and celebrate Christmas....
It just doesn't make any sense! Ice dragons are supposed to be creatures of brutality and myths you wished stayed myths! The only prey you capture are trolls! They don't even have the right amount of nutrients for a ice dragon of your state! I also thought that their ice powers froze near anything near it! Yet, your computer hasn't even shorted out!

Please enlighten my endless confusion.

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There is a simple answer to all of these concerns. Magic.

However, ordinary ice dragon magic should not help me to use a computer or play chess. Killing a planet of ninjas, that can be done by just about any ice dragon. All dragons blend all laws of physics simply by existing, and since probabilities are obviously a part of physics (otherwise, how would the ∞ Improbability Drive ∞ work, if I may ask?), we naturally blend probability too. Regarding watching ponies, that can be done by any living creature, no matter how cold their hearts may be. Celebrating Christmas, however, is what ties the first two points together.

You see, people usually wear Santa hats only on Christmas. A shocking revelation, I know. However, I wear a hat through the whole year... Why is that, you might wonder. Well, that is a secret most closely guarded, but since you've already started to ask suspicious questions, I might as well spill the beans. You would have figured it out by ourself in time...

You see, naturally I can't use my computer or a chessboard simply with claws. Trust me, I've tried, the results were not pretty. Unless you are into modern impressionistic art. One might call the resulting wreck "The Ephemeral Spiral of Cryogenically Manifested Frustration From Losing Constantly At Chess. With Some Computers Added." However, that is beside the point. Obviously, to use computers or chessboards, one needs precise control over small objects. How do I accomplish this? Telekinesis, of course. However, ordinary ice dragons can't use telekinesis, that would make us ridiculously overpowered. By now, you have likely already forgotten about my hat and how it ties to all of this.

Basic biology tells us that unicorns can use telekinesis. And it just so happened that my parents were very experimental. Such a relationship hadn't been seen in, well... ever. However, as a result, I'm a cross between an unicorn and an ice dragon (an ice-dragonicorn?), and to hide this embarassing fact (really, I'm certain my reputation is ruined now), I wear my christmas hat at all times. Yes, even in shower.

You might want to ask me, "why do you largely have the appearance of a dragon, and not an unicorn, if your're 50-50 ice-dragonicorn?" Well, once again, basic biology. Unicorn genes are recessive. Duh? I only have the horn, which is kinda a requirement for anything to be even a fraction of an unicorn. And it is safely hidden beneath my hat.

However, you did rise the very valid point of things freezing in my presence. However, we do know that heat is simply the movement of atoms. So, I can easily counteract that with some very, very precise telekinesis. If I shake every single particle around me properly, no problem. Learning to do that properly was a pain, though. I level-grinded endlessly, accidentally changed the climate of whole ecosystems twenty degrees warmer than they should be a couple of times when practicing, gave up and read a strategy guide and used a hack to increase my skills. Sweet victory.

And your mislead preconceptions of ice dragon behaviour are completely outdated and racist. We're a civilized society, I'll have you know. You're right about the diet, though. I simply have to go and eat some woodland animals every now and then, in the process accidentally leveling and devouring the inhabitants of a city or two, but oh well, if you're a dragon, collateral damage is pretty much in your lifeblood.

So, that's it. My explanation for all of your concerns. My god, I can't believe I actually wrote this. I'll go into my very own private corner of shame to think about what I just did for an hour or two. Bye.

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Oh dear YALORT...
It makes so much SENSE!

While I am very skeptic about your parents, your explanation has covered every void of doubt I have had up until this point! But there's one problem...

Were and always will be. They can't cook our burgers without mascaraing all the staff and the beef inventory!
I ain't about to let a suave talker like you blind me about 'dragon rights' and all that garglebubble.
I bet you couldn't let a batteryfly perch onto a recharge flower without burning the continent it lives on!
Take yer ice dragon rights garbage elsewhere, ya icy cool!

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Ribbit 27 Germany MelancholicCholeric ISTJ 1127C
I guess, somebody who has pseudolonewolf as a fan is able to just pull of about anything he wants. There are those people who, despite their nativity (being an ice dragon), just have no limiters.

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Spuedo would totally be a fan of my if I read the '10281 Jokes Of Bald Men' to him every night.
Every wolf dragon that worships YALORT just falls fluffy head over armor-plated heels for that stuff.

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Many thanks for banning the malicious Mr Winrar, O Glorious Moderator!