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Hi! I am bloodstare and I enjoy posting questions that allow people to express their opinions on a variety of a different issues. I am always up for a debate as long as I have some knowledge on the subject. If I debate someone in my posts I will always respect that person. However i'm not always serious. I am very well read, have played multiple sports (although if you want to talk about them professionally I can't help. I like to play not watch) have a large bank of knowledge on different RPG games from multiple systems, and a reasonable knowledge of law in the US. I also love to hear new jokes and there is no such thing as a joke that is too offensive. There is a difference between jokes that are funny at the expense of a race, religion, gender, etc. and jokes that are just racist comments trying to sound like a joke. The former I love. the latter I hate.

Strange quotes from conversations with my friends: More to come as conversations happen or I remember old ones!

"Who put their genitals in my brother's shoe?"
"What in god's name were you gonna do with that moose?"
"I slaughtered my goldfish and buried him in the courtyard"
"I want to violate a giant panda with firecrackers"
"For the last time the train is not a recognized sexual position"

∞ YouTube ∞ <--- our youtube channel. Watch us do stupid scenarios! Warning may be offensive to some.

P.s. still waiting for my first blurb, although it might destroy me if its negative =). just kidding i'll just try to improve myself as a person as long as it is actually constructive criticism and not an angry rant.

the reason I will always respect someone is because a debate without respect is just an argument. As long as you show me the same respect I grant you then we should have no problems getting along! However if you disrespect people and continue to do it after you are asked to stop I will do all in my power to send you to bed that a crying sniveling wreck who has lost all hope =) however I seriously doubt I will find any such person on this site as they all seem open minded and willing to talk about things.

Everybody has opinions. Don't hate somebody for their's. It just creates a bad cycle and will never bring any peace. Disagree with them, debate with them, but don't turn it into a grudge match.

I will compromise on things. Compromise is not a sign of weakness it is being able to look beyond your own thoughts and acknowledge the validity of those of another person. Although you don't win everything with a compromise you don't lose everything either. The more people with the moral and mental strength to compromise the better a place the world will be.

I truly cannot stand people who lord power over other. There are very few people in this world who truly have earned the rank and privilege to have their word obeyed and if i'm talking to you your probably not one of them. So never pick on the little guy just to make yourself feel better or to put them down or I'll help the little guy kick your ass.

Women and men are better at different things. Of course there are exceptions but this is the general rule. Just because that is the case doesn't mean that all men and women don't have the same power to think and the same rights in life. I get so sick of seeing pictures of things around the internet say oh all men will do this, all women will do that. no they won't. Don't generalize an entire group just because of what happened to you. Just because your boyfriend cheated on you doesn't mean all men are scumbags, it means you picked a bad boyfriend. And guys are not all shallow creatures who only focus on a woman's body. We are better than that, at least some of us. Ladies maybe if can't seem to find a nice guy try that poor fella in the background who has been there trying support you the whole time but you just considered "a friend".

Also like I said above don't discriminate against an entire group. All muslims are not terrorists, all jews are not greedy, the people protesting outside gay marriages are not the entire christian faith, all atheists don't want to tear down structured religion, all asians are not math geniuses, all white people are not rednecks, all black people are not thieves, all women are not "easy", and all men are not scumbags. EVERYBODY is different. so don't let the actions of a few control your opinion of the many.


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