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Aetheist, but each to their own, I say.
Delivery Agent, Newsquest Oxford... a paperboy in other words ;)
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Nathan Paddick

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First, thanks for reading this; it's nice that someone's took the time to. Second, I will not lie in this. honest.

My name is Nathan Paddick, although I go under a couple of aliases online, most commonly that of Dark Fields. I am an English citizen of 16 years, and I live in the rather "prestigious" university city of Oxford. Oh, and I'm about 5'3 / 5'4.

Truth be told, its not all that great. Move away from the city center, and its veritable haven of drug dealers, chavs, and other low-life scum. Obviously, I think EXTREMELY highly of my fellow human beings.

Anyway, as you may have guessed by my temperament, I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and a dreamer, and a procrastinator, amongst many other things. But, I'm liked by my small group of oddball friends, even if we don't always get on, so I can't complain.

I'm also currently in a relationship that has been going strong for two years now, and I pour my heart and soul into making my girlfriend as happy as she can possibly be, which is usually very, as she is rather childish for an eighteen year old, but then I guess that's to be expected as she works with children, and is about 5'2 hight-wise. yes, some of the primary school children are bigger than her. But I love her with all my heart.

you might think that being in a relationship with one of your best mate's sisters would be rather awkward... but it isn't, provided that he doesn't walk in without knocking!

I also have my own youtube channel. Its minecraft videos at the moment, but I'll be happy to consider requests and suggestions. feel free to check it out at www.youtube.com/user/phoenixpyres.

At any rate, I'll leave it as this so far, and will probably update this at some other point. thanks for reading.

If you'd like to get in contact for any reason, here are my contact details.

Skype: Nathan.Paddick
Facebook: Nathan Paddick (Just in case you missed it earlier)
Urban Dead: Dark Fields, End Bringer, nathan paddick
E-mail: nathanpaddick@hotmail.com

Cheers again :)


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I was looking at Pseudo's comment page for no apparent reason, and I stumbled upon your discussion about having a Wikipedia page for MARDEK RPG! I was very excited when I saw this and I was wondering if you might need some help writing it, or a second pair eyes or something like that. I would love to have a part in making i, because I have a whole bunch of free time now, and people say I have a very mature way of writing if I feel like it.

Sorry if that carried on a little, I just got a bit excited.
Dark Fields

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Hiya, and cheers for the enthusiasm! Admittedly, I haven't actually made any headway with the article at all; I have been far busier than I expected when I wrote that post, and haven't been able to get started. However, I would be happy to assist you in writing it, as its less labor intensive for me, and saves what little free time I have, so I would be happy to do that if you wanted to?

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I know I am talking in a conversation I'm not expected to be talking in, but, I am thinking about volunteering as well by putting pictures on the page, but first I need the... Page. And, along with that, I think Fig Hunter and it's other stuff is big enough to have several pages in Wikipedia as well.
Dark Fields

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Sorry for the late reply but I've been pretty busy lately. I'm happy for the help with this, though your probably better off working with ben1005 as I will most likely take awhile. If you want to talk about anything, or send me anything for the article, grab my e-mail address off my userpage and give me a shout :)

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Ben1005 18 United States CholericPhlegmatic INTP 216C
Alright then! As for the actual planning and writing of the article, we should probably do it by email, seeing as for me, that's a much faster method of communication. (Because when I get an email, I notice within minutes.)

I don't know if you have your email listed within your userpage, but if it is, I'll probably be sending you an email shortly.