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About Me

∞ If you don't follow the rules, even when asked to stop, I will chatban you. ∞ If you keep breaking them, you will be banned. I am probably stricter than the other mods. However, I am also a reasonable human being, and I will not punish anyone for anything that is not against the rules.

Here is what I expect from people in the chat room and forum:
> Be civil. Don't just respect the moderators; respect each other. You are a member of Fig Hunter's community; do you want to be proud of that, or ashamed?
> Don't use foul language excessively or try to get around the filter. If your language is so strong that it turns an angry shade of red, chances are that there was a kinder way to phrase what you just said. It is not only important to be mindful of what you say, but also of how you say it. Words have power; don't abuse that.
> Treat people the way they want to be treated. If someone asks nicely for you to stop saying or doing something, please honor that person's request. If someone wants to be left alone, give that person space. If someone asks but does not ask nicely, consider being the better person and respecting the request anyway.
> Don't try to break things on the site. It may be fun to do such things, but if you take the site offline by refreshing too much in times of lag or stretch the chat window so that it is hard to read text, it disrupts the flow of chat. That makes the site unfun for other users.
> Feel free to ask someone for help if you need it. The moderators are here to make the site more peaceful, not to torture you. We are humans just like you! Most of the community will be glad to help you, though, not just the mods~
> Don't try to cause fights. Debate is fun for some people, but not everybody likes it, and even people who do like to debate do not enjoy fighting all of the time. Similarly, don't attack others in the chat. No matter how much you may hate another person or want to win an argument, he or she is a person, too, and is worthy of respect.

Being respectful and civil goes a long way towards making a community that everyone will enjoy, and I hope that everyone here feels the same way.


I am usually a nice person, but I can be insensitive. I probably don't mean it. If what I say offends you, tell me (preferably in private where nobody has to be embarrassed). I am not offended by people who give me honest, rational criticism, and I actually welcome it. Tell me if I am being rude to you. Tell me if you disagree with a chatban or a permaban. More importantly, tell me why.

I am a critical perfectionist and would like my creative work to be the best that it can be, but I can sometimes be insistent that other people see my work. It isn't that I think what I've made is awesome, necessarily; I just like feedback, especially from people who have no technical knowledge of my craft and can just tell me what sorts of feelings I'm evoking. I'm not so good at the feelings thing. You may notice that that is a theme for me.

I am very strong-willed, and stubborn about what I believe is right: We should all listen to what others have to say before judging them, even if we disagree. We should all treat others with kindness and respect by default, even if we don't like them, even if they don't like us. If you think that stuff is nonsense and get in my face about it, I may lose my respect for you. I have a low tolerance for those who don't even try to be good people. I'll still be nice, mostly. But I won't go to any trouble to make you like me, either. Now that I am a moderator, I also might nicely chatban you if you are disrespectful to other members.

I am opposed to swearing. Strongly. If you swear in the chat, I will ask you to stop before chatbanning you, but I really do mean it when I say not to do it. It doesn't matter whether or not you were stopped by the filter. To me, the intent matters just as much as the end effect; just because you were censored does not mean you did not willingly type crude language into the chat.

My ideal career is as a composer, preferably writing music for independently-produced video games, but perhaps writing for TV, movies, or bigger-label games if the opportunity presents itself. My hobbies include painting and gaming. Painting models, mostly, not portraits. And when I say "gaming", I am referring to tabletop games like Ticket to Ride, Dominion, or 7 Wonders, not video games. I do like those too, though.

When I do play video games, they are all usually RPGs. Disgaea, Pokemon, MegaTen/Persona, Final Fantasy, MARDEK, and some but very few ARPGs like Legend of Zelda, notably. I am fond of turn-based combat, tactics, map/terrain strategy, and puzzles.


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These quotes are ones that can summarize Fig Hunter very well:

Braineel said:
FigHunter.com is a hipster social networking site for depressed people.

SavageWolf said:
The moderators of this establishment are stupid and need to be shot.

Mortech said:
Some days I enter chat and think "Why don't I spend ALL my time here?" At other times, I think "Why do I even bother to come here?"

Scythe said:
I come into a conversation about a Yandere siren and just think "just another day on figchat"

This zoo used to be my entry message, but it got too long to fit. I've been contemplating adding the Pokemon of this site to my zoo as well. What are your opinions? :D
I'm building a zoo, but what should I include? How about a Falcon, Cipherfalcon, RavenTheFree, Phoenix, Shadowhawke, firehawk320, and a !!  Sparrow? Or perhaps a A β Pseudolonewolf, SavageWolf, M  Wolf, Friendly Fox, TheMightierWolf, Water1Wolf, Cyberwolf33, Zkillerwolfe, astralfox, AetheranFox, and Social Fox? Of course, we mustn't forget the EpicPumaNess, DetroitLolcat, DarthKitty, Catdemon, TheRealKittyKat, or PantherEyes! If we want to do it farm style, we can add a Supercowz. Some available rodents include ninja guinea pig. My aquarium is kind of empty; it only contains a Braineel.

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Well, that's about it. Have fun stalking me.


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SilverShoelaces was an old friend. She was an all around delight to talk to, and a very nice person all around. After coming back to the site after almost 2 years, I come back and see how everyone has been. Most users are either inactive or banned, but one stands out, among the rest. I noticed she has become a moderator. All I can think is: good for her. Good for her.

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camera060 20 United States PhlegmaticMelancholic INTP 656 8C
Hey what about me? you might need a camera060 to take pictures of your zoo...

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The idea behind the "zoo" was that Fig Hunter has a lot of users with animals in their names. The idea was to collect animals, not things, and adding a camera is honestly a bit of a stretch.

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While I was on the aspects page, I noticed you want to be a composer. If you're still a student, I'll presume that you're probably taking music classes at college majoring in composition. If that's the case, would you mind telling me what your primary instrument is, how many other instruments you're required to learn, and whether you are required to play in any ensembles?

Also, totally off-topic, My Immortal is the only horrible fanfiction I've ever read but I'm probably going to read those other stories you listed nearly two years ago. If you still care about bad fanfiction, do you think the authors of such masterpieces are trolls, or are they really that bad at writing and storytelling?

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I'm studying composition in particular, so I don't need an instrument specialization, but I have studied piano, euphonium, bassoon, and percussion at my university. I'm only required to study piano, and only to the extent that I must pass a proficiency examination, so I never took any piano lessons in school. I am required to be in ensembles; I was an alto in my chorus and the principal euphonist in my wind ensemble. If I could go back and change my course of study, I would have taken more physics classes, because I'm mostly interested in electronic, not symphonic, academic music.

Oh, I do think bad fanfiction authors are mostly trolls. That is how the stories got to be so silly. There are also "good" fanfiction stories, but they're much less interesting.

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But can I call you Leesie? I might like to call you Leesie.

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Please don't. You know what I do and don't like to be called.
Perturbed Crow

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I notice that you listed "bad fanfiction" as one of your likes. This piques my curiosity. I can understand if you like or dislike fanfiction in general, but how can you like fanfiction that is by definition "bad"? Do you have your own special reasons for this, or is it simply a joke like WhoamI hating "good fanfiction"?

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Reading bad fanfiction is actually a hobby of mine! If you want some prime examples, check out ∞ My Immortal ∞, a Harry Potter fanfiction supposedly written by an emo 12 year old girl, ∞ 30 Hs ∞, a Harry Potter fanfiction supposedly written by a 12 year old boy, ∞ Light and Dark The Adventures of Dark Yagami ∞ (sic), a Death Note fanfiction that's just insane, ∞ The Life and Times of Stephannie Mayor ∞ (sic), a sort of story about Stephanie Meyer, and ∞ Sweet Apple Massacre ∞, a My Little Pony fanfic (though I can't find it now, so I just linked to a review which contains the entire story anyway). I also hear that anything by ∞ Peter Chimaera ∞ is pretty good.

Some of those have pretty "awful" reputations, but they are fun nonetheless!
Perturbed Crow

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Ah, so you like fanfiction that's "∞ So Bad It's Good ∞". Reasonable, I believe there are many who have similar past-times.