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I want to write things and will probably do so later!

Like this thing! I bet the last time you saw this bio this sentence wasn't here!

I made this bio about a year ago yet only three sentences appear.


Hello, I'm DetroitLolcat. I've been on this site for quite a long time, and used to be a rather active member. Although I rarely post here anymore, I definitely follow this site and visit it on a near-daily basis. I live in the United States and am a freshman in college.

I enjoy nearly every Nintendo franchise and currently own a Wii, PSP, and 3DS. Pokemon is probably my favorite franchise. Probably!

I am a big American (gridiron) football fan and am nutty for my Detroit Lions! Yeah, they're not very good as of late...but this year will be different! (Or at least that's what I tell myself before the season starts...). For college sports, I root for the Michigan Wolverines. Go Blue! Beat Ohio!

I am also very fond of cats. I've always had two cats (except for the short period between one of my cats dying and acquiring another cat) in my life, and I don't see that changing when I go off on my own. Hooray for cats!

I really don't know my temperaments or my Myers-Briggs, but I would speculate myself as a or maybe a ?I exhibit traits of all four temperaments (as does nearly everyone...), but those two are probably my most prominent. Maybe I have some more than I admit to but I believe I am . I'm a bit socially awkward when meeting new people but am very social with people I already know. The temperament probably describes me best. Unless I am extremely passionate about a subject, in which I will defend it to the death :P.

I would speculate my Myers-Briggs to be INTJ, although ENTJ, ENTP, or INTP may describe me. The trait I am most sure about is that I am very "thinky" (T) rather than "feely" (F). It usually takes a lot to "get me going" emotionally. I'd consider myself rather ambiverted, maybe 55% introverted and 45% extroverted?

I wrote most of this at 1:30 in the morning, so there is a good chance I didn't have my wits about me when I wrote this. Or maybe I think at my best during the wee hours...

Well, I guess I've finally fulfilled my promise in the first sentence of this bio.


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Suh better watch his attitude. Generally people don't like it when they get their head shoved into the ground and their arm stomped on. That was a big part of the team to lose against the Packers, and I honestly believe that the Lions might have won if he hadn't done that to Dietrich-Smith. To add insult to injury, his comments after the game made him look even worse and then his team didn't give him any support, and it appears that this is going to result in some time benched. Hopefully (for you) he doesn't spend 5 weeks on the bench like Haynesworth did after stomping on the other guy's head. :/

Anyway, I suppose I should stop talking football and actually add substance to this! Welcome to the new site, and I hope you have a nice time here. Keep doing what you're doing, I guess... make good comments, be happy... watch football... XD

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Haha, definitely! I don't think Suh will get the bench for five games, but I'd be surprised if he didn't get a one or two game suspension. I didn't like his post-game comments either, as he really seemed to be in denial of a pretty obvious foul...maybe he didn't want to admit that he was wrong. And yeah, Suh getting ejected got the Packers some points, plus it really weakened the Lions' D-Line... They (kind of) had a chance before that...

Thanks for the greeting and such! I hope to see you around as well, as you seem nice! Football!