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Hi! My current bio is mostly over a year out of date! Yay! It needs desperate editing! My first year of college has changed a whole bunch of things. Most of my morality, that isn't sexuality related, is still accurate, and I tried to start editing that. The task, however, is currently insurmountable and will be dealt with at a later date. I have a much larger friend group than what I had in high school, and I probably moved up a bunch of arbitrary ranks on the irrelevant totem pole that tracks silly things like popularity. Bleh, screw that. I play Magic: The Gathering, D&D, and have an account here! So yeah. Also, I have a really big TV in my dorm. That helps. Heh :)

In addition, I'm also a reader of comics of the web. My favorite ones are Goblins, OOTS, and Erfworld. I also guiltily enjoy Twokinds. I don't have a specific desire for non-human creatures, but I can still be attracted to non-human creatures, if they are designed in a way that they register as "female," if the character development and such is good. (Actually, when I realized I found the Yuan-Ti from Goblins attractive, I had to go on a soul searching venture, which led me to Twokinds...)


Since I added info that makes my identity completely exposed to the left, I might as well just say what my real name is here too. This is Devin DeFrancesco. Hello. I apparently have no concern about digital safety! Here's my Social Security number...

I'm attuned to the Light element, and I am closest to the Phlegmatic/Sanguine temperament. I'm 18. My favorite color is yellow, and my favorite number is 8. My avatar icon is album artwork from the Violent Femmes; I like them a lot (my musical preference is comprised of the more meaningful rock artists). The three headed monster also seemed kind of appropriate for Fighunter. I made up the name of this avatar, as I use the name on most sites I use (except Kongregate, which uses Devi), because I hated using things like coolsoundingthing8435 since most creative sounding options were already taken by other users on most sites.

I'm in college, at the University of Richmond. It's a bit prestigious, and I'm a little arrogant about my intellectual/moral strengths. I don't have a problem with thinking that others are smart/moral, but I do have a problem with respecting the people who obviously aren't even at an average level for either of those. As I feel like needs to be made clear, it's not a smarter than you/holier than you thing. I just can't believe that people wouldn't try to educate themselves/be more informed (as I think that most non disabled people have the ability to be pretty decently intelligent, and I would totally accept people that are trying; it's the whole stupid and proud sentiment that's ever so present in America) or try very hard to not harm their fellow humans. I say problem because I don't believe that it's generally that person's fault per se. From a more personal problem perspective, I also don't always interact with those people in a way that helps them become better people, regardless of whether I blame them or not. I do try to interact with people in general in a way that's positive for all parties involved, and I would say that I do that reasonably well for most people most of the time. My biggest problem isn't whether my intent is there; it's just that I am not socially aware enough sometimes to do what's needed. I also am more likely to react in kind to attacks, or what I perceive to be attacks, rather than just shrug it off and say that person has it much worse than I do, cut them some slack. One of my biggest pet peeves is people who can't "see beyond themselves." I'm a heavy believer in altruism, and the idea that only someone's self interest is the only valuable concern to them is kind of revolting to me. Not that you should never help yourself, just you should try to always help someone in need when it wouldn't be extremely detrimental to yourself. I would think you would weigh how much you can help versus how much it takes to help them.

I have a social life (I've even been in multiple relationships!), but I am not cool by any definition. I've been told that I'm of the lovable nerd/adorably nerdy variety. I also apparently "radiate" *trustworthiness/goodness* or something like that. Maybe I'm just too non-threatening to be perceived in any other manner. :D I'm an Agnostic Atheist. I don't smoke (marijuana or cigarettes) or drink. I'm a pacifist, but I do believe in self defense. I'd prefer to restrain an attacker, but if it was necessary... I believe that the life of someone who *isn't* attempting to take the life of another is generally more valuable. This doesn't include vengeance, only killing that directly saves yourself/another. I've never even been in a physical fight, as I don't count wrestling for sport with friends. I've gone through my first year of college since I last edited this bio, so my views on sexuality have changed a lot. I currently limit myself to trying not to pressure anyone else into doing something they're not ready for or not willing to do. I've learned that women have a sex drive that's just as intense as what guys have, and that there's no legitimate reason to view females as naturally more sexually repressed than men. This kind of turns a lot of my sex-related ideas into the naive assumptions of a child.

While I have remnant disdain *coolness* (I try very hard to keep it from a personal thing to a broad societal concern) from when I couldn't even talk to girls and was among the *lowest* on the social totem pole at the school I went to, I mostly just try to be nice to people in general, and I believe in the Jesus-style loving everyone thing. On that note, I believe that all pain, suffering, and the like should be avoided, however, I feel that pain right now isn't really as much of a problem as recurring or future pain, something along the lines of it being worth the sharp pain of pulling out a splinter to not have to deal with the dull annoyance/possible infections and the like. I think that all people are valuable, and I try to not focus on my own concerns, though I often find myself, due to my sanguine nature and general social obliviousness, distracted and caught up in what's going on with me.


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Thank you, for declaring yourself as a fan of mine, I really appreciate it.
However, bound by my own strict rules of whom to call a friend, I'm not able to do the same thing. Not yet.
This may or may not change, as time passes.

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Thanks for explaining. I consider the word "friend" to be a pretty small deal. If I positively interact with someone, I often add them. You're welcome to not add me until you reach the qualifications that you use for such words.