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Hi, I'm Steve. I'm new to the site, discovering it after becoming hooked on Mardek. I joined so that I could keep an eye out for the new site arriving with the intention of just following how pseudo's games were coming along, but after looking around and reading the forums, I realised that this was a community of people I would like to join and get to know better. So here I am.

Hmmm... I the time I've been here I've been getting into more arguments than I'm used to. It's probably because I post in numerous politically charged threads but maybe I'm just a jerk. Please let me know if that is the case.

Thanks to whoever wrote the nice blurb about me. It's really cool be told you are doing a good job :D

About Me

I am a business student in Edinburgh, Scotland. This is my sixth year studying; I originally studied engineering physics (quite a long jump from there to business, I know). I have enjoyed life as a student, but am ready to move on and get into the real world of work. I'd like to run my own business at some point in the future but not necessarily straight out of uni, there are too many skills which can't be taught in a classroom that I would need to learn before I'd want to start up a business.

I am a quite a gamer, though not so much computer games these days. I've not owned a console since my N64 (Goldeneye is the one and only FPS for me) and my student budget doesn't let me keep up with computer processing power for new games. I like adventure, role playing, trading and a little RTS games. Loved Oblivion but dismayed that I can't run Skyrim. My real favourites are board games and pen and paper RPGs. I've played Dungeons and Dragons for a dozen years and three and a half editions. Many of my best memories are from around the gaming table, fighting epic battles or puzzling out fiendish riddles. Board games are something I've gotten into in the last year and a half, after my first game of Settler's of Catan. Since then I've been buying more than I probably should, with special mentions to Civilisation (based on Sid Meier's computer game), 7 Wonders and Arkham Horror; these are great games if anyone is interested.

I am an avid reader, mainly of fantasy but a bit of horror and science fiction too. Here are some of my favourite authors and series:

If anyone has a good author they'd like to recommend, then please do. I'm always on the lookout for new books

Regarding politics and philosophy and such, I would say I am a centrist . In some cases I lean left, in others, right. I am a royalist but I am also in favour of Scottish independence, mostly just to see what would happen. Philosophically and morally, I am trying to improve myself. Over the last few months I have been studying a bit of business ethics and this has led me to question my personal ethics. Why do I make the decisions I do? Are they the right ones? I have always acted in a consequentialist manner, but am beginning to believe that a non-consequentialist stance would be better. I shall remain a relativist though. The stark nature of absolutism does not fit in an analogue world like this in my opinion.

Something that for a long time wound me up was the Americanisation of spelling in the English language and I noticed that it is a pet hate for Pseudolonewolf. I have, however, come to understand that language is tool of communication, not a museum of grammatical rules or spellings. The English language is continually evolving, you only have to look at a Shakespearian play to see how much. So carry on missing out the U from colour, America, it doesn't matter. We still know what you mean. Don't use text speak though, it is gibberish to me. It definitely does not aid in communication.


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Your name... I used to play a game called Zorg Empire and my name was ThatGuyEric. Everyone called me TGE so I eventually just shortened it, but that's where my name came from.

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Margret Wiess and Tracy Hickman

We should be friends.

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Their Dragonlance novels got me into reading in a big way. Now I've got a serious book addiction :D