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Other quote things:

"To do is to be" -Nietzsche
"To be is to do" -Kant
"Do be do be do" -Sinatra
Vote Sinatra for the best philosopher.

Slithery dee, he came from the sea~
He ate everyone, but didn't eat me~
Slithery dee, he came from the sea~
He ate everyone, but didn't eat m- *slurp*

The beautiful leaves seaed
In the large, ancient tree.
Car accident.

It rang, Wednesday 12 AM
The english exam that terrified
Gramar mystacs.

ChikinNuggit (On "I'm afraid youngfigs would crowd a poetry-type thread with their melodramatic unskillful stuff)
=> I saw a flower
It reminded me of my life because it was dead
Nobody likes me
Being 13 is so difficult
=> Like that?

Useful MBTI post thing: ∞ Fig Hunter ∞

That enneagram thing

The first time I took the test I was a 9w1 peacemaker (with 9 > 3 = 1 as the higher ones and 8 as lowest...) with a sexual variant, but did not identify to the neurotic and self-depreciating feel to the type. Now that Pseudo has talked about tri-fix, I've taken another test. Apparently, I have Mind > Guts > Heart, giving 5w6, 1w2, 3w2. The types seem to come off as "Cerebral with trouble-shooting style, Stereotypical Scientist", "Strong sense of ethic, right & wrong, high standards; promotes the welfare of people", "Self-assured, driven for success, achiever, potentially workaholic, maybe energetic, likes to help people".

I can definitely identify to the terms I quoted for the Mind set, and it's similar for the Guts set. I'm an intellectual that is very curious and enthusiast about learning, and I do like the idea of trial and error. I often find myself arguing about my values, and I tend to know what I think is right and wrong, even though I tend to tackle my own values with objectivity (which might explain why the Mind is greater than the Guts). I don't seem to identify to the Heart so much, but I know that when motivated to do something, I really do it; I wrote a novel when nobody would exactly praise me for it, and I wrote it in a decent amount of time, so... I guess. I tend to become lazy when the solution becomes uncertain, though, and when I am less successful, I do tend to feel more bitter. Interestingly, Type 3s become like type 9s when under stress (as is written), because they become "withdrawn"... This makes me wonder about why I tend to be withdrawn from others, sometimes...

Unhealthy key words: Scattered, Emotional-overwhelmed, Withdrawn.
Healthy key words: Self-confident, Joyous, Trusting.
This should help me figure out in which element of my psychology I'm unhealthy in... Possibly, I'd be withdrawn when I'd be less successful or less praised. This does make sense to me.

That Big Five thing:

∞ I'm a O76-C58-E5-A50-N14 Big Five!! ∞
OxIxS for Open to experiences, neutrally Conscientious, Introverted, neutrally Agreeable, emotionally Stable.
It says I am open to new experiences in a *curious* way. It seems there are two ways of seeing the Openness trait, though; it's either you're "open to new ideas" or "you're open to new situations", which I believe I'm more the former... I'm surprised that it says I'm "averagely organized"... I think it's because I need a *reason* that drives me, a sort of motivation that is concrete, a fuel, something. Alone, I tend not to do much... I guess that makes sense this way. People *can* rely on me, but it's less certain if I can rely on *myself*.

Game things:

Pretentious game, an amazing game. ∞ LINK ∞
See: Fixation, ∞ LINK ∞ The Company of Myself, ImmorTall. (emotion provoking indie games)

Youtube things:

Nice MARDEK music by me, or not. ∞ YouTube ∞ (also a link to my Youtube accont, where you can find a lot of things I favorited and so on)



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